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      Gharieni MLX Quartz Square

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      Gharieni MLX Quartz Square

      Inspired by the ancient rituals of the Egyptians, the MLX quartz elevates the treatment room to an unparalleled experience for the guest. Warm sand quartz cocoons the body and replicates the benefits of a day spent at the beach. Quartz minerals impart wellness benefits and healing energy to the guest as well. Inversion gravity also enhances the benefits of treatment and lessens the impact on the therapist. A truly transformative experience that can be used both for body modalities or on its own as a complement to any service.

      Key features:

      • squared corners
      • made from genuine walnut wood
      • filled with alpha quartz sand and minerals
      • promotes deep relaxation with the variable heating system that ranges from mild to sustained heat
      • two lifting columns for height adjustment and inclination
      • storage compartment and two drawers
      • cushioned face cradle
      • international voltages available

      Optional features:

      • Other woods and paints
      • Coloured upholstery: max. 2 different colours possible
        Synthetic leather as standard
        Synthetic leather Ferrari Stamskin Top
      • Metal components in special colour (white, titanium or dark brown are standard)
      • removable upholstery cushion for on-table massage


      • height: approx. 65 - 90 cm (25.6 - 35.4 in)
      • length: 216 cm (85.0 in)
      • width: 86 cm (33.9 in)
      • lifting capacity: 130 kg (286 lbs)
      • load capacity of the bed surface: 150 kg (330 lbs)



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