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      Healing Waters by Dean Evenson CD - Relaxing Instrumentation Spa & Massage Music

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      Healing Waters CD

      Deep and soothing musical experience. A confluence of elemental water sounds and elegant, relaxing instrumentation. Ideal for music therapy. It creates a "sonic spa" and is an ideal musical tool to reduce stress, enhance the effects of massage and other healing practices, and as an aid in restoring internal balance. Simply said, Healing Waters is highly effective and simply beautiful

      Healing Waters, the second album in the Sound Healing series by Dean Evenson, is an exquisitely crafted and spiritually uplifting expression of artistic mastery. The album features collaborations with acoustic guitar wizard Scott Huckabay, harpists Dudley Evenson and d'Rachel, and introduces Chinese guqin master Li Xiangting.

      Dean Evenson is a pioneer in the area of healing through sound. For twenty years he has been on the cutting edge of creating Peace Through Music. Healing Waters is a sterling example of combining grace and purpose into a pleasurable and meaningful listening experience. Winner of the COVR 2000 Album of the Year! & COVR 2000 Healing Album of the Year!


      • Silver Flute
      • Native Flute
      • Keyboards
      • Acoustic Guitar
      • Harp
      • Guqin
      • Cello

      Running Time: 62 mins


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      Q: Does this cd have the ocean sounds coming ashore throughout its entirety?
      Created on Monday, July 28, 2014 by Hands 4 Peace
      0 Answers


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