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      Saltability Himalayan Salt Treatment Room Starter Kit

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      Saltability Himalayan Salt Treatment Room Starter Kit

      The perfect kit for those looking to add Salt Treatments to their offering. Saltability's Himalayan Salt Massage Stone Warmer is a green, low-energy, eco-friendly warmer that uses no water, no chemicals, to warm your Himalayan Massage Stones. Power use is reduced by 80 percent, and an energy source that is shielded to protect the therapist and guest from EMFs. LED lighting heat the stones to maximum temperature in 40 minutes and includes a 7-day timer for automatic start-up and shut-off matching spa hours. Stones may last a very long time if they are kept from water and cared for properly. When exposed to moisture they will wear down and may even develop a rough texture.


      • Himalayan Salt Stone Warmer with 18 stones(heart stone not included)
      • Massage Stone Coverlet
      • 7-day Timer for auto on/off
      • Dr. Barbara Hendel's book, Water & Salt
      • Benefect Decon 30 - 4 oz. Spray
      • Saltability manual and video protocol.
        • For the downloadable manual and digital video, customers need to register for a professional account by visiting Once you are registered, and after you are approved, you will be sent login credentials. 

      Benefits of Himalayan Salt:

      • Helps lower blood pressure.
      • Improves circulation.
      • Promotes healthy blood sugar.
      • Supports a healthy respiratory system and sinuses.
      • Relieves anxiety and addresses insomnia.
      • And more...

      How to care for stones:

      • Himalayan Salt can't hold bacteria because it is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial. You may take an extra preventative step if you would like using an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant like Decon 30. It is not toxic and has no harmful effect to your client, therapist, or Himalayan salt stones. 2-3 gentle sprays followed by immediately drying the stones thoroughly with a cotton towel. Stones may be lightly sanded using sandpaper if needed. To season new stones you may coat stones in massage oil for 5-15 minutes then wipe with a cotton towel to smooth the stone down. Stones will become smoother with each massage.



      Saltability Massage Stone Warmer Coverlet
      Bamboo-Fusion® Table Bamboo Deep Tissue Massage DVD
      Cando® Plastic Ball Stool/Trainer
      • Envelope Mail