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      Massage Office Professional MOPRO 2016

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      Massage Office Professional 2016

      The most amazing version of Massage Office ever released!

      To get the most productive use from Island Software Products we recommend the following minimum system requirements:

      • Windows Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
      • PC with at least a Pentium 4 processor
      • 1 gigabyte of memory (RAM) (2GB RAM is recommended)
      • 200 megabytes of available hard disk space
      • CD-ROM, DVD-ROM drive
      • Printer
      • Basic understanding of Microsoft Windows

      New Updates for 2016

      • WikiTX™ Treatment Notes with Quick Complete & Spell Check
      • Symbol Stamps for anatomical image
      • ICD-10 table with over 200 common ICD-10 Codes
      • ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion chart
      • Program Preferences to set custom defaults
      • Medications Tracker with WebPDR access
      • Marketing Templates
      • Reports (Client Statements, Income Reports, etc)

      Main Program Features

      • Condition Advisor
      • Checkbook Style Expense Tracking
      • Electronic Insurance Billing with 02/2012 CMS-1500
      • Expanded Gift Certificate Tracking NEW!
      • Company Logo Utility
      • Direct access to business and marketing templates from the menu
      • Easy to use toolbar and menu
      • Setup Wizard to help you get started
      • Learning Database to help you learn
      • Remote Support via Citrix GoToAssist
      • Credit card processing from Massage Office through X-Charge
      • User Name and Password protection

      User Friendly Client Screen

      • Scan or attach and store documents like intake forms, images and referral letters with each client record
      • Choose up to 3 conditions per client from the Condition Advisor
      • Unlimited client records (Limited only by computer disk space)
      • Clean, intuitive screens that are easy to navigate
      • Purchasing statistics displayed for each client
      • All dates are calendar driven. Adjusts for date formats in other countries
      • Gender specific icons in name field
      • Indexing (Practitioner can type a few letters of client's name and cursor will jump to that client in the client list)
      • Email directly from the client screen. (Requires local email program like Outlook or Windows Mail)
      • 4 custom fields to store data like: condition, music, temperature, etc.

      Condition Advisor

      This is our most innovative and exciting feature ever! Over 150 conditions with definitions, causes, symptoms, indicated treatments and contraindications! Reviewed by Susan G. Salvo, MEd, LMT, author of Mosby's Pathology for Massage Therapists 3rd edition. This could literally eliminate the need to use that bookshelf full of reference books in your office!

      • Scan or attach Related Resource documents and files to each condition for future reference
      • Add website links for quick access
      • Build your referral network by choosing a referral resource for each condition
      • Create your own treatments and contraindications for each condition

      Comprehensive Soap Notes

      • New WikiTX text boxes with Quick Complete
      • New Symbol Stamps to make notations on images even faster
      • Default male & female chart loads automatically.
      • Features 10 coloring buttons, which can be renamed by practitioner
      • Type text (annotate) on your SOAP picture
      • Library of anatomical pictures to choose from for drawing SOAP charts
      • Practitioner can add pictures to the library (scanned, digital camera, or from the Internet)
      • Copy feature provides quick notes updating
      • More complete and detailed treatment notes without additional typing. One glance tells the whole story!

      Complete Income Payment Tracking

      • Custom notes box for each invoice
      • Credit card processing from Massage Office through X-Charge
      • Add, remove or edit items on the invoice at check-out
      • Billing screen is extremely easy to understand and use
      • Improved handling for issuing and applying credits
      • Post partial payments (like patient co-pay)
      • Maintain client account balances
      • Print receipts customized with your logo
      • Create NEW 02/2012 CMS-1500 Insurance Billing directly from billing screen

      Expense Tracking – Checkbook Style

      • Track & display expenses by month, year or custom date range
      • Gives total for displayed period
      • Track purchases by category and supplier
      • Print expense reports

      Enhanced Gift Certificate Tracking

      • User-Defined certificate numbers
      • Amount, Date Purchased, Purchased By and Sold By
      • Date Redeemed and Redeemed By
      • Open or Redeemed status indicator

      On-Screen Appointment Scheduler

      • Integrated with billing. From appointment to printed receipt in 3 clicks with no data entry!
      • Provides "Drag & Drop" re-scheduling
      • “Drag and Copy” feature makes setting multiple appointments a breeze!
      • Scheduling for multiple practitioners and rooms in multiple offices
      • Color coding on calendar for multiple practitioners
      • Recurring appointments tool
      • Zoom feature let’s you see more at a glance
      • Print the schedule right from the calendar screen

      Enhanced CMS – 1500 Insurance Billing

      • Electronic Insurance billing through Office Ally
      • Store and auto-fill ICD-9 (diagnosis) codes. ICD-10 ready! NEW!
      • Create CMS directly from Billing screen
      • Copy a detailed CMS to a new CMS with one click. Allows fast and accurate creation of new insurance bills. Just verify and edit data as needed
      • CMS forms grouped with a specific event (date of injury, illness etc.)
      • CMS forms auto fill from referring physician, client tracking, referring attorney, and insurance carrier screens---the CMS form is completely filled out for the practitioner, a headache made simple! Just check it, save it, print it!

      Full Featured Super Script Word Processor

      • MOPRO 2016 comes with its own word processor with features that you've come to expect from high end commercial programs like: table support, spell checking, print preview, user-defined dictionaries, instant mail merge, and much more. Use it to write form letters, create postcards, etc.
      • Now with direct access to templates from the program menu NEW!
      • MORE TEMPLATES THAN EVER! Marketing Templates are available for getting your business running like never before! These are among the most popular parts of the program, and include intake forms, mailable postcards, business cards, gift certificates, forms for HIPAA compliance and MORE!

      Improved Backup and Restore

      • Backs up database, treatment notes/pictures, customized reports and templates
      • Backup Wizard makes it easy to protect your data

      Product Inventory Management

      • Stock on hand with a low-stock warning
      • Income/cost reporting
      • Maintains all supplier information

      Custom Report Generator

      • Allows practitioner to edit reports (like invoice) or design reports of their own from available data within the program
      • New and expanded reports through the Advanced Reports screen NEW!
      • Enhanced "Easy Reports" screen for quick access to commonly used reports NEW!

      Personal Address Book

      • Allows practitioner to save personal numbers separate of client files



      Thera-Band Pro Series Exercise Ball Red, 55cm
      FitBALL Air Cushion, 12.5" Red
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