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      NRG® Reusable Face Rest Barrier 10/Pack

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      NRG® Reusable Face Rest Barrier 10/Pack

      NRG® Reusable Face Rest Barriers are a moisture barrier that prevents materials such as make-up, sweat, dry skin flakes, and other cross contaminates from being deposited into your table coverings. A perfect solution to protect your non machine washable items like a fleece face rest pad and more. NRG® Reusable Table Barrier 10/Pack sold separately. 

      NRG® Reuseable Face Rest Barriers are undetectable, no noise and no discomfort, under your fitted face cover. Long gone are the days of sweaty vinyl covers and loud plastic barriers interrupting your client's treatments. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve knowing that your supplies are being protected without sacrificing your client's comfort.

      More and more states are now suggesting a moisture barrier to be in place for sanitary reasons. The NRG® Reusable Face Rest Barrier also prohibits make-up, oils, lotions, creams, gels, and more from soaking into your face rest coverings.

      Layering your table depends on preference and type of treatment being performed. For everyday massage you should layer the NRG® Reuseable Face Rest Barrier under your fitted fitted face rest cover and above your fleece face rest pad. Replace as needed. NRG® Disposable Face Rest Barrier 10/Pack available.

      Care Instructions:

      • Machine washable, wash in warm water.
      • Do not bleach.
      • Do not dry clean.
      • Do not iron.
      Material:  Laminiated Polyester



      Waterproof Massage Table Protector & Plastic Fitted Cover