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      Nurturing The Mother DVD

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      Nurturing the Mother DVD

      A Body, Mind, Spirit Approach to Pregnancy Massage by Claire Marie Miller, NCTMB & AMTA Registered Massage Therapist.

      This video is designed to give the viewer clear and easy to follow instruction for pregnancy massage. Positioning for full comfort in the side lying position is demonstrated toward the end of the video. It is recommended that the viewer, review the video in it's entirety and practice the positioning before beginning the massage session. The sequence is demonstrated with detailed strokes and stretches through the first half of the massage. The second side of the massage demonstrates the flow of this wonderful nurturing pregnancy massage. (45 min.)

      • Discussion of Benefits
      • Cautions and Contraindications
      • Detailed side lying Pregnancy Massage
      • Second side Pregnancy Massage Flow
      • General Pillow Placement
      • Positioning for various discomforts
      • Techniques include: Lymphatic Drainage Techniques, Foot Reflexology Points, Polarity
      • Family Photo Collage

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      March 23, 2012
      Nurturing The Mother DVD

      I've been trained in prenatal by another instructor almost 4 years ago, and was looking for something that could be added to freshen my prenatal practice, which is most of what I do. Clarie's DVD gave me the confidence to add beautiful techniques to my mom-to-be's, and my clients that I've seen a few times have been enjoying the new variations added to my routine. I've already been telling everyone I know about it! Looking forward to getting others from her collection. Thank you, Claire!

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