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      ProHealth Posture Poster

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      ProHealth Posture Poster

      Not just a Posture Poster, it's a Clinical Assessment Chart!

      The ProHealth Posture Poster is an educational poster that is a must have for any clinic. It is sure to improve your clinical assessment and demonstrate the effectiveness of your care.

      • Posture Grid for observation of subtle postural changes
      • Height Measurement (inches & cm) show your patients they are taller after treatment
      • Advertising space for your clinic take pre and post treatment pictures with your clinic logo on your patient/client phone, free advertising for your clinic
      • Anatomy pictures showing muscles, fascial trains, joints and major nerves for review and patient education
      • Global ROM goniometer & ROM references from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
      • Faces pain scale with numeric values
      • Biomechanics of neck and lumbar spine
      • Upper and lower cross syndromes
      • Gait cycle and foot wear pattern
      • Soft tissue injury & healing stages
      • Snellen eye chart with color blindness testing
      • Posture evaluation plus education help educate your patients and establish yourself as an expert in your field with this great educational resource
      Size: 91cm (36") x 157cm (62") - 7cm (2.75") diameter shipping

      Weight: 1 lb



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