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      Ralph Stephens Comprehensive Dvd Collection

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      Ralph Stephens Comprehensive DVD Collection

      Save over $40 on this 4-DVD collection. Ralph Stephens, one of the industry?s most respected experts, guides you through medical and sports massage for the Lower Extremities, Lumbar and Cervical Regions and Event Sports Massage.

      The Collection Includes:

      • Therapeutic Sports Massage for the Lower Extremity DVD: Warm-up, examination, treatment and closure techniques for hip, thigh, leg and foot. Discusses many common complaints in these areas. This excellent treatment for the lower body will help you with athletes and non-athletes alike. Covers prone and supine. Learn how to help people who have the conditions of plantar-fascitis, ankle sprains, knee pain, hip pain, sciatic pain, and more. 92minutes

      • Medical Massage for the Lumbar Region DVD: Best production and photography of all Ralph's DVDs. Learn a complete medical massage routine for the posterior lumbar region with the patient in the prone position. Low back pain strikes most people and is one of the most common reasons people try massage therapy. This program will help you better serve the needs of this huge market. 90 minutes

      • Medical Massage for the Cervical Region DVD: This DVD teaches you a complete routine for the posterior, lateral and anterior cervical muscles to help you treat headaches, neck strains and whiplash. Includes techniques to address the posterior suboccipitals, splenius, scaleni, sternocleidomastoid, hyoids, longus coli and more. 89 Minutes

      • Event Sports Massage DVD: This video is a very complete course in Event Sports Massage. It teaches you timing, theory, techniques, the specific strokes of Sports Massage and the most efficient ways to apply them. Learn pre and post event massage routines on both table and chair. This DVD will help you become a more efficient therapist at the event or in your office. 85 minutes

      Kit Includes:



      Hot Stone Massage DVD
      Real Bodywork Mastering Chair Massage DVD
      The Art Of Prenatal Massage Step-By-Step DVD
      Stretch Your Clients Dvd
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