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Releasing The Rotator Cuff Dvd

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Releasing the Rotator Cuff DVD

At last, a DVD that looks at rotator cuff injuries from a massage therapist perspective! Peggy Lamb's Releasing the Rotator Cuff series (book with interactive CD; DVD or home study course) is a timely, comprehensive examination of rotator cuff injuries and shoulder dysfunctions. Rotator cuff injuries are becoming more common, especially in this age of, "computer shoulders." A thorough understanding of the rotator cuff is indispensable for massage therapist who strive to improve their skills and help their clients. Massage therapist are high at risk for rotator cuff injuries! If you don't get these materials for your clients, get them for yourself and extend your bodywork career.

For more "Releasing the Rotator Cuff" information see:

  • 206-0008 Releasing the Rotator Cuff Book
  • 570-0119 Releasing the Rotator Cuff Home Study Course

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Q: How many CEU's is this?
Created on Saturday, May 24, 2014 by Vicki
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Q: Is the DVD included in the CE home study course?
Created on Friday, January 17, 2014 by massage
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