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      SCIFIT PRO1000® Upper Body With Adjustable Cranks and Seat

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      PRO1000 Upper Body Adjustable Cranks and Seat

      SCIFIT’s PRO1000 is designed to provide the ultimate in upper body exercise, offering both cardio and strength. It is ideal for strengthening arms and shoulders while recruiting the core stabilizing muscles. The wide range of crank height and crank length adjustability provides the user with perfect bio-mechanical body positions for any exercise performed on the PRO1.


      • Arm Cranks - Adjustable and reversible for greater range of movement and exercise variety.
      • Versatile - seat is removable for standing exercise, or for use with a wheelchair, balance ball, or stabilizing disc.


      • Handles - scientifically designed to be 19 degrees from the vertical plane, for the most biomechanically correct and comfortable hand position.
      • Standard Seat - features a low profile seat back to maximize torso rotation and features a 500 lb. user weight capacity.
        • Step through accessability 


      • Iso-Strength - safe and effective, provides accommodating resistance through the entire range of motion. 
      • Bi-directional Resistance - aids in the recruitment of reciprocal muscle groups and reduces the risk of injury from muscle imbalance.
      • Very low starting resistance - (5 watts) start and maintain program function at extremely low speeds and resistance.
      • 3 years parts, 1 year labor (Exceptions: 1 Year warranty on pedals and seats. Wear items - rubber hand grips and pedal straps - are excluded from warranty)
      • Lenth: 61"
      • Width: 30"
      • Height: 62"
      • Weight: 202 lbs
      • User Capacity: 450

      Options and Accesories:

      • Adjustable Seat – Therapist Assist Pedal provides easy seat adjustment.
      • Bariatric Seat – 600 lb. user weight capacity.
      • Internal/External Rotation Device – Ideal for rotator cuff strengthening.
      • Wheelchair Platform – Sturdy foundation for wheelchair use.
      • Heavy Duty Wheelchair Ramp – Provides increased stabilization for wheelchair use.
      • Assist Gloves – Helps individuals who need assistance in gripping the hand cranks.
      • Heart Rate Transmitter – Polar chest strap for heart rate monitoring.
      • Fit-Key – SCIFIT’s exclusive Plug-and-play system.



      Documents Available

      SCIFIT Pro1000 Upper Body Adj Cranks/Seat



      2 Way Angled Grips
      Adjustable Loop Grips
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