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      SCIFIT REX Total Body Recumbent Elliptical

      # 905 0029
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      REX Total Body Recumbent Elliptical

      Our exclusive total body recumbent elliptical offers a smooth, natural movement that allows comfortable, effective exercise. REX’s smooth motion provides a natural and consistent flexion and extension. REX’s unique program options and bi-directional resistance provide an exceptional total body workout.

      Natural Movement

      • Natural knee movement allows users to improve functional gait that aids in fall prevention
      • Dependent, all body action allows individuals to use passive assistance – using strong limbs to drive weaker limbs through the range of motion
      • Bi-directional resistance
      • Orthopedic footbeds - comfortable and sturdy with safety edge and optional foot straps
      • Dual position hand grips for comfort and fit
      Seat Options
      • Low profile seat back for optimized torso rotation and core recruitment
      • Optional swivel seat for easy entry (350lbs weight capacity)
      • Length: 73"
      • Width: 32"
      • Height: 55"
      • Weight: 299 lbs
      • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
      • 3 years parts, 1 year labor (Exceptions: 1 Year Warranty on footbeds and seats. Wear items - rubber hand grips and pedal straps) are excluded from warranty unless determined to be defective)


      • Oversized Swivel seat – provides easy entry
      • Foot Straps (included with swivel seat option) – for secure foot placement
      • Heart Rate Transmitter – Polar chest strap for heart rate monitoring
      • Fit-Key – SCIFIT’s exclusive Plug-and-play system


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      REX Total Body Recumbent Elliptical