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      Shuttle Systems 2000-1 Clinical Package, Black Upholstery

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       Trusted by  since 1985, the Shuttle 2000-1 provides smooth progressive resistance from 3 lbs up to 160 lbs at full extension. It is highly adjustable providing maximum patient comfort, making it ideal for acute and elderly patients.

      The 2000-1 has the most adjustability of any of the Shuttle Systems machines. A horizontal carriage at 25” height, featuring a three position adjustable backrest, provides easy patient transfers. This model provides smooth progressive resistance up to 160 lbs, allowing for resistance adjustments without disturbing the patient.

      Three In One Machine

      • Supine Leg Press
      • Less Than Body Weight Plyometrics
      • Early Stage Rehabilitation Tool

      Inspire Confidence - Inspires confidence through movements easily tolerated in early phases of rehabilitation and training.

      Patient Comfort and Adjustability - Maximum patient comfort when adjusting resistance and patient position.

      Easy Transfers - The Shuttle 2000-1 comes equipped with a 25” horizontal stand made for easy patient transfers.



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