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      Sidmar Pro S10 Hydromassage Table - Hydro Therapy Massage Bed

      Item# 893 0004
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       Sidmar Pro S10 Hydromassage Bed Table

      The physiological effects of heat and massage help treat many variations of soft tissue injuries among other conditions including orthopedic, rheumatic and neurological disorders. Hydromassage bed table relaxes tight muscles similar to a hands on massage nut in less time and without the labor.
      Patients will feel the heated massage on their neck, back and shoulders during treatment.

      Hydro massage Bed Table Specifications

      • 3 stainless steel water jets provide more pressure
      • 0-30 minute timer
      • Adjustable massage bed pressure form 12 to 17 psi
      • Heating pad with adjustable thermostat, 70-107 degrees F
      • Quiet operation
      • Easy disinfecting between patients
      • 73"L x 23"W x 23"H
      • 110 volt, 14amp
      • 132lbs without water
      • 315 filled with 21 gallons of distilled water
      • Weight Capacity-350lb
      • Choose from black, blue, green, gray, teal, tan burgundy or navy
      • 1 year parts

      • Envelope Mail