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      The Magic Touch: How To Make $100K/Year-Mt, Paperback

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      The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 Per Year

      Uncover the secrets to earning $100,000 per year, while working as little as twenty hours per week. This topics in this book include: how to average $100 per hour, grow a medical massage practice, build a celebrity clientele, learn the essentials of giving a world-class Deep Tissue massage, overcome the fear of medical billing, or be inspired by the Meagan Holub’s ‘Rubs to Riches’ tale so you too can to take the leap- and build your own lucrative massage business. By Meagan Holub, 274 pages


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      Self Serving but Informational

      November 26, 2012
      The Magic Touch: How To Make $100K/Year-Mt, Paperback

      From a logistical perspective, the Meagan Holub has some excellent information in approaches to avoid and uses positive language to convey the point that a massage therapist can make $100,000 annually. The author provides phone numbers and breaks down some basic means of creating a $100,000 empire. No significant information on costs were provided though and there were chapters dedicated to the author's own promotion and quite frankly at times read as a journal being kept for a psychotherapist. An average book but good for motivation and basic concepts and logistics in starting a massage therapy organization.

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