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      Therapro Massage Kit

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      TheraPro Massage Kit

      This kit is a great way to try our favorite TheraPro products. This package lets you try them all. It contains 8 oz. of each of our signature TheraPro lines and saves you over 15%.

      Kit Includes:

      • Multi-Purpose Cream, 8 oz tube (pg 4)
      • Swedish Lotion, 8 oz (pg 4)
      • Swedish Oil, 8 oz (pg 5)
      • Massage Gel, 8 oz (pg 4)

      TheraPro Multi Purpose Cream:
      is the perfect solution for the Massage Therapist who uses different techniques requiring smooth glide and extended workability without a slippery or greasy feeling. Quality ingredients like jojoba and avocado oil separate this cream from all others and leave skin feeling smooth and nourished without an oil residue. TheraPro Multi Purpose Cream is hypoallergenic and specifically formulated to wash out of linens easily using hot water and everyday laundry detergent.

      TheraPro Swedish Lotion
      : provides a smooth glide and lasting workability without the residue associated with most oils. It's easily cleaned from sheets using any laundry detergent. Try adding a few drops of TheraPro essential oil blends for the benefits of aromatherapy. Water dispersible.

      TheraPro Swedish Oil:
      is used for a Effleurage or Swedish massage. This is a luxurious blend of natural grapeseed, jojoba, almond, and coconut oils with Vitamin E. Provides a silky smooth glide and excellent absorption, which leaves the skin feeling very soft and moisturized. Naturally water soluble, it washes cleanly out of sheets.

      TheraPro Massage Gel: offers the workability of a quality oil blend in a light formula that nourishes and moisturizes skin. The hypoallergenic formula is ideal for clients with even the most sensitive skin types. Because it's water dispersible, clean up and laundering is a breeze. The benefits of this gel will quickly make it a favorite among professional Massage Therapists, as well as their clients.

      Use caution when laundering linens that have been exposed to oils. Oil products are potentially combustible when exposed to heat in the dryer. Consult dryer manufacturer’s guidelines for drying linens that have been exposed to oils.


      Kit Includes:

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