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      Zone Foot Therapy Home Study Level I 16 CEU

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      Zone Foot Therapy Home Study Level I 16 CEU

       This one of a kind course teaches you how to utilize warm stones and herbal balls into your existing practice.
      Now you can study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, and earn sixteen (16) Continuing Education Credits. The cost of tuition includes only one Certification per purchase.Completion time is approximately 16 hours .
      When taking the Zone Foot Therapy Course:
      • You will learn from an experienced professional (The Pioneer and Developer, Sonia Alexandra LMT).
      • Create new opportunities to enhance your practice and service menu
      • Work smarter, not harder, enhance your practitioner repertoire
      The primary focus of this therapy is preventative care by taping into Chi energy blockages in the body
      • Incorporating acupressure, stone therapy, herbal balls to help remove blockages
      • Dissolve stress that a client’s internal environment may be experiencing
      • Neutralize negative energy
      • Balance over-stimulated areas, while re-energizing depleted ones
      • Induce a feeling of peace and harmony for each client’s well-being.
      • Engaging pressure sensory and generating a response in the corresponding internal organs
      Learning Zone Foot Therapy, you will incorporate the use of stones and herbal balls
      • Effleurage
      • Light & medium friction
      • Tracing, stomping, pressure point techniques
      By stimulating circulation, you will assist in inducing change in the cell activity throughout the epidermis, as the added oxygen and nutrients help the healing process by increasing the lymphatic flow, you will aid in the removal of toxins and waste products from each client’s body. Engaging the body’s self-healing mechanism.
      You will learn the following:
      • How to effectively give a Zone Foot Therapy treatment with step-by-step procedure
      • Learn how to differentiate the stones shape, size, mineralogy and their effects on the body
      • Proper use, placement and application of  the herbal balls
      • Effective acupressure, reflexology and pressure point applications
      • Foot bath preparation and detoxification
      • A customized Zone Foot treatment
      • An extra bonus , the stone pedicure treatment procedure'
      • This DVD includes a step/step demo of a stone pedicure treatment
      • Safety Precautions
      • Proper sanitation
      Once you have completed this course you will be ready to safely and effectively incorporate this signature new modality into your existing practice. This program will certainly help you expand your skills; increase your educational service menu which translates into your persona and financial success.
      It will be able to take your practice to an entirely new level!
      •  The work book includes a photo enhanced step-by-step visual demonstrations
      • Foot reflexology chart
      • Test manual with final exam in multiple-choice format for certification
      • Certificate of Completion



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