Join us in our fundraising efforts that support the Touch Research Institute in the field of Premature Children and the Benefits of Massage and the Massage Therapy Foundation to further fund various massage research projects.

An oasis of calm awaits you!

SanctuaryAt the Sanctuary attendees and exhibitors alike find an unparalleled opportunity to unwind while being treated to fabulous 10 minute treatments for the face or feet.

For each 10 minute treatment a donation of $10 will be collected. Participants can indulge in as many treatments as they like for a donation of $10 for each treatment received.

10 minute treatment offerings include basic reflexology, stone massage, exfoliation, hot/cold contrast protocols, herbal ball treatment and facial rejuvenating techniques in a format anyone can add to the end of a regular massage.

Our goal is to provide education regarding easy-to-perform techniques any therapist can incorporate into their client offerings.

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