Wrist Braces - Finger Splints, Hand & Thumb Supports


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      Save More with AMTA   |   $4.99 Shipping   |   To Order 1-888-918-2253

      Wrist Braces, Finger Splints & Thumb Supports

      Finger splints and braces are used for a variety of injuries and conditions and can help alleviate pain while preventing or limiting motion. For those who have sustained hand injuries, hand braces can help keep the hand in the proper position to facilitate faster and better healing. We offer a vast selection of finger and hand supports to aid in healing and to help patients better deal with many types of hand and finger injury.

      3 Point Products ThumSaver MP
      As low as $36.99
      3 Point Oval 8 Individual Finger Splint
      As low as $11.99
      Oval 8 Pediatric Splint Kit
      3pp® U Wrap
      3 Point Products Precision Spot Heat Gun
      3pp® Finger Trapper™ Package of 5
      Oval 8 Kit
      Oval-8 Splint Sizing Set
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