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      Portable Massage Table Packages

      Packages! Packages! Packages! Save more with the purchase of these economical Portable Massage Table Package bundles which include combinations of tables, table coverings, bolsters, lubricants and more!

      NRG Karma Massage Table Package
      As low as $285.99
      Master® Massage Equipment 30" Del Ray™ Portable Massage Table Package SandSale
      Master® Massage Equipment 31" Montclair™ Massage Table Package Black with Therma-Top®
       Master® Massage Equipment Roma™ LX Portable Massage Table Package
      Mhp 30" Catalina Lx Table Package
      Just Give Me Equipment PackageSale
      As low as $670.35
      As low as $547.99
      NRG Basic Table Package 4 - StandardSale
      As low as $455.16
      As low as $303.99
      Just Give Me Equipment - UpgradeSale
      As low as $700.35
      As low as $571.99
      Master® Massage Equipment 31” SUPREME™ LX Portable Massage Table PackageSale
      NRG® Karma and Hot Towel Cabinet KitSale
      Master® Massage Equipment Newport™ Portable Massage Table Package
      Table With The Works- UpgradeSale
      As low as $463.77
      As low as $371.09
      Master® Massage Equipment Montour™ LX Portable Massage Table Package
      Table With The Works PackageSale
      As low as $433.77
      As low as $347.09
      Complete Room Package StandardSale
      As low as $1,414.40
      As low as $982.99
      Complete Room Package UpgradeSale
      As low as $1,444.40
      As low as $1,003.99
      NRG® Caregiver PackageSale
      As low as $725.63
      As low as $507.99
      Master® Massage Equipment Del Ray™ Portable Massage Table with Therma-Top®
      Master® Massage Equipment Eva Pregnancy Portable Massage Table


      We think a better question is, “Why would you NOT?” After all, you have spent significant money on a great education, labored to study and learn the art of the therapy, lost sleep over passing tests and passing license requirements. Why would you cheapen your value in the mind of your client by skimping on what is likely the most important bit of equipment you will ever use in your practice? Mind you, high priced does not always equate to high quality. You are looking for a strong, professional grade table, complete with warranty. This can range from approximately 200 dollars for portables to as much as 3000 dollars and more for lifts. Just take the time to compare features, benefits, warranty, and buy from a reputable and professional products provider. Buy the BEST possible table for the budget you have, and don’t be tempted to buy off Online Auction Sites, or For Sale By Owner sites, as there is no warranty to protect your purchase should something go awry.


      What should a massage therapist be looking for when they buying a table?
      First, you must determine how you will be using the table. If you plan on being a mobile therapist, you need to look for a table built with ease of operation and set up. Industry standard width is 30 Inches wide, and length can vary from 72-73 inches. Look for tables with good hinges, rubberized feet rather than plastic to prevent sliding on tile or hardwood. Look at the foam density, and whether it is single, double, or triple density layers. Single density foam tends to bow easily and the client can bottom out onto the decking once worn. Double and triple layers are typically longer lasting and wear better. If you plan on a home based business with little travel, you may look at a stationary or lift table. If this is the way you want to go, you can find scissor lift tables that work well in home spaces, and they can start at 1200-1300 dollars. A lift table makes adjustments so much easier, and many therapists swear to this being the best investment for the longevity of their.

      What are some things a massage therapist can do to make sure their table lasts?
      Always clean it with Non-Alcohol cleaners. Alcohol will dry and damage vinyl. Be sure to do regular maintenance and tighten screws and bolts monthly. Never allow anyone to jump in the center of your table on the hinges. Hinges are built to hold weight, but may not be able to withstand the force of impact created when jumping in the middle. If you are mobile, use the case to carry your table and protect it from rips and tears. Always check the wheel knobs for tightness with each client, as these can work loose and you can break the leg of your table. Headrests are built to support the average weight of a human head, so don’t allow your clients to lean on this to get off the table.

      When thinking about client safety, are there things a massage therapist needs to keep in mind when buying a table?
      Strong Hinges: These help support the weight of the client, and the pressure your treatment applies.
      Wheel Knobs: Ideally, two wheel knobs are safer; as it serves as a fail-safe should one become lose.
      Rubber Feet: Rubber grips better and prevents table slippage on tile and wooden floors. This prevents the table from slipping out from beneath the client when getting on or off, and prevent slippage during treatment.

      Regarding ergonomics, what should massage therapists be looking for in a massage therapy table? (Here, we’re trying to get at the ergonomics of a table and what a massage therapist should look for, such as be height adjustable, for example. Also, if you have someone who can speak more in-depth about ergonomics, that’d be great, too)
      The average width used by most therapists is 30 inched wide, bit table come in widths from 28-33 inches. If you are of a shorter height range, less than 5’2” you would potentially benefit from a narrower table. This will allow you to reach midline without over extending. People of average height 5’2’ – 5’11” would work well on a 30 inch table, and those 6 feet and taller may wish to utilize a wider table. Some therapists choose to invest in a wider table, regardless of their height. They do this because they may be specializing in seeing larger athletes or other populations where greater width would be advantageous. Practicing proper body mechanics should be top of mind always. Tables, on average, adjust in height from 18 inches to 33 inches high. Some manufactures will be higher or lower, but this is typically the average. Depending on the core modalities you will be doing in your practice will determine the height of the table adjustment. Additionally, client size will also play a role in where you adjust the height. Again, be sure you are taking the time to properly adjust the height for the needs of the client as well as for your own injury prevention. This need for adjustability is one very compelling reason to consider a lift table, as the adjustments are infinitely easier, and can be done with the client on the table.

      What are some common features that are must-haves in a massage therapy table?
      *Look for working weights of 400 Lbs or greater.
      *Look for Dual Articulating Headrests that enable greater flexibility for head positioning.
      *Look for double or triple density foam bases, as these are historically longer lasting, and provide greater comfort.
      * Reliable and Strong hinges. Piano hinges, or full length hinges are preferred.
      * Dual wheel knobs on the legs add a layer of safety for the client, and help protect against the liability of a single wheel knob being loose and the table dropping the client.

      Tips for those on a budget?
      Buy the best possible table you can with the money you have. There are many good options on the market for a great table at affordable prices. Be wary of tables from online retailers that are typically less than $150. These are fine for consumer use in homes, but are likely are unable to withstand the rigors a professional therapist will put it through. What feels like a bargain now will cost more in the long run. It is tempting to look for used tables. The problem with this is you have no idea how the table was cared for, if parts are worn, if there are weakened or damaged components, and most importantly, you have no protection when the table fails. There is no warranty that will apply to a second hand table, and unless you are the first owner, many manufacturers will be unable to help you should a failure occur.

      For those who may do mobile massage work (meaning they’d be traveling), can you talk a little bit about what they need to consider when thinking of buying a table? What about a massage chair?
      In years past, the weight of a table was of huge importance. This has changed with the invention of the table cart. Look for a cart that is easy to use, easy to store, and has strong wheels and axles. Utilizing a cart is a great way to save your back, avoid injury, and opens a wider array of tables for you to choose fro since it practically negates the weight concerns. Massage chairs vary greatly, so determine what you will be using them for. If you are only looking for a chair that can be used at events on occasion, then you don’t need a huge and expensive chair. The client will be in the chair a minimal amount of time, so just look for a light weight, and easily carried chair, averaging 14-20 lbs in weight. If you are doing chair massage as the main body of your business, then invest in a plusher and heavier weight chair. The clients will be in the chair longer periods, and comfort is paramount. Look for greater adjustment options, sternum pads, and working strength.

      What are some of the most common questions you get from massage therapists who are looking at buying a table (as well as how you answer them).
      Most often, people often agonize over the color choice. To this I share with them the client will likely not see the table itself as it will be covered with additives and sheets. I say, choose the color that makes YOU happy. If you like vibrant purple, then go with it. Other questions include those surrounding warranty limitations, and ease of operation. Each manufacturer provides a different warranty. Most portables operate in basically the same way; however there are many options when it comes to lifts. We listen to the client, ask them about their preferences, and then use our expertise and experience to match the client with several options meeting their needs.

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