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Shop our wide array of professional waxing supplies and equipment including a variety of waxes, pre and post depilatory essentials, applicator sticks, waxing strips, wax warmers and more! Find everything you need to remove hair from every body part! 110% Price Match Guarantee!

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    NRG® Reusable Table Barrier NRG® Reusable Massage Table Barrier - Moisture Barrier Table Cover
    $12.99 - $116.59
    $5.20 - $46.64
    14  Reviews
  2. Sale
    Cirépil All-Purpose Non-Strip Blue Wax - The "Original" Cirépil BLUE All-Purpose Wax for Hair Removal Cirépil All-Purpose Non-Strip Blue Wax - The "Original" Cirépil BLUE All-Purpose Wax for Hair Removal
    $22.00 - $174.90
    $18.70 - $174.90
    7  Reviews
  3. Sale
    Large Wooden Waxing Sticks- 1000 Ct 6" Wooden Waxing Sticks Large 1000 Count 6"

    $26.58 $21.26

    2  Reviews
  4. Sale
    Amber Depilatory Wax Amber Depilatory Wax
    $15.19 - $29.19
    $13.91 - $29.19
  5. Sale
    Satin Smooth Waxes Satin Smooth® Waxes - Hair Removal Wax & Depilatory Wax
    $14.99 - $16.99
    $9.89 - $16.99
    6  Reviews
  6. Sale
    Resiné By HAIRAWAY® Super Depilatory Strips 300 Count Resiné By HAIRAWAY® Super Depilatory Strips 300 Count
    $23.95 Special Price $19.16
  7. Sale
    Cirépil® All Purpose & Sensitive Areas: Non-Strip Wax Collection Cirépil® All Purpose & Sensitive Areas: Non-Strip Wax Collection
    $20.00 - $39.60
    $17.00 - $39.60
    1  Review
  8. Sale
    Cirepil Textured Non Woven Strips 125 Pk Cirépil Textured Non-Woven Strips 125/Pack
    $13.80 Special Price $11.04
  9. Sale
    Disposable Bouffant Face Cradle Cover 1000 Pack Disposable Bouffant Covers - Nurse's Caps - Hair Net Head Covers - 1000 Pack
    $127.90 $102.32
    3  Reviews
  10. Sale
    Ladies Disposable Panties 6 Pack Women's Non-Woven Disposable Bikini Panties - White, 6 Pack
  11. Sale
    Lotus Touch Pore Restore Skin Relief Gel Lotus Touch Pore Restore - Post-Wax Care Gel
  12. Sale
    Amber Muslin Strips 1" x 3" 100/Pack Amber Muslin Strips 1" x 3" 100/Pack
    $5.39 Special Price $4.31
  13. Sale
    Resiné by HAIRAWAY® Orangewood Eyebrow Applicator 100 Count Resiné by HAIRAWAY® Orangewood Eyebrow Applicator 100 Count
    $4.95 Special Price $3.96
  14. Sale
    caronlab® Browvado Gel Wax Beads 17.6oz (500g) caronlab® Browvado Gel Wax Beads 17.6oz (500g)
    $32.29 Special Price $25.83
  15. Sale
    Muslin Waxing Roll 1" X 25 Yards Amber Muslin Waxing Roll - 1" x 25 Yard Muslin Waxing Rolls
    $7.89 Special Price $6.31
  16. Sale
    Cirépil® Pre-Wax Cooling Gel Cirépil® Pre-Wax Cooling Gel
  17. Sale
    Amber Tea Tree Oil 0.35 oz. Amber Tea Tree Oil 0.35 oz.
    $6.49 Special Price $5.19
  18. Sale
    Resiné By HAIRAWAY® Wax Collars 20 Count Resiné By HAIRAWAY® Wax Collars 20 Count
    $17.99 Special Price $14.39
  19. Sale
    Amber Equipment Cleaner - Citrus Terpenese Amber Equipment Cleaner - Citrus Terpenese
    $7.59 - $20.59
    $7.59 - $16.47
  20. Sale
    Epillyss Freelyss Depilatory Cream Epillyss Freelyss Depilatory Cream
    $26.20 - $27.20
    $20.96 - $21.76
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Waxing Supplies
Waxing Supplies

Waxing Supplies


What kind of wax do salons use?

The best professional salons and spas will use either a hard or soft wax determined by the waxing service required. Hard wax applications are perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin and are best on normal to coarse hair. This type of wax creates a hard shell that encapsulates the individual hair and spares the skin, making it a less painful process. Hard wax is best for legs, arms and intimate waxing. Soft wax is used with removal strips and its consistency creates a very strong grip on all hair types. This thinner wax also has skin exfoliating properties and may not be suitable for sensitive skin types. Soft wax is best for larger areas like the chest and back as well as areas with finer hair like facial hair.

Massage Warehouse sells a variety of professional products from industry leaders like Satin Smooth, Cirépil® by Perron Rigot, Amber Products, Epillyss, GiGi and more.

How do you clean a wax warmer?

Before cleaning the wax warmer, remove any remaining wax while the heater is still a little warm taking care to not burn yourself. After the remnant wax cools a bit, use wax strips, paper or even wax removal oil to thoroughly clean the pot. Sterilize all implements used in the waxing service including tweezers, spatulas and the internal wax pot. Use sterilizing sprays or cleaners or ultraviolet sterilization equipment like a hot towel cabinet or implement sterilizer. Remove drips and overspills on the wax warmer encasement with mineral oil or wax removal oils. Before cleaning your wax warmer please consult the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper technique.

Can you use essential oils in a wax warmer?

Although heating oils in a wax warmer may discolor the internal pot, it is possible when mixed with a carrier like jojoba oil. Please consult the manufacturer’s manual before using the unit for this purpose.

How do you make waxing less painful?

Many home remedies and amateur advice exists about how to make waxing less painful including exfoliating three to four days before the service to taking a pain reliever 30 to 40 minutes waxing. In a professional setting, your esthetician may apply a numbing cream, pre-wax spray or dusting powderto sensitive areas before waxing. Pre-depilatory products like Cirepil Pre & Post Depilatory Oil will cleanse and condition the area to be waxed and will soothe the area following the treatment. Professional waxers will also use the proper wax product at the appropriate temperature for the client’s skin, hair and service type making the service more comfortable for the client.