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Choose from the latest massage equipment, esthetic, spa and salon equipment from the industry’s best manufacturers. Products include massage tables, stationary tables, portable tables and other massage machine supplies! Read More Read Less

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  1. Cando Theraputty, 4 Oz Cando® Theraputty Hand Exercise Putty - Hand Strengthening Putty
    $2.99 - $78.19
  2. CanDo® High Density Black Foam Therapy Rolls CanDo® High Density Black Foam Therapy Rolls - Foam Rollers
    $7.99 - $22.19
  3. Cando Theraputty, 2 Oz Cando Theraputty Resistive Hand Exercise Putty - 2 oz.
  4. Cando® Foam Therapy Rolls Cando® Foam Therapy Rolls - Foam Exercise & Body Positioning Rolls
    $3.59 - $37.09
  5. Cando Door Anchor W/Webbing For Band/Tubing W/Nub Cando® Door Anchor with Webbing For Band/Tubing with Nub
  6. The Original Cuff® Rehabilitation Weight The Original Cuff® Rehabilitation Ankle & Wrist Weights
    $9.30 - $42.84
  7. Cando Inflatable Exercise Balls Cando® Inflatable Exercise Balls - Ribbed Surface, Non-slip
    $8.00 - $103.32
  8. Cando® SoftGrip Weights Cando® SoftGrip Hand Weights - Conforms to Grasp, Color Coded for Weight
    $7.49 - $25.24
  9. Cando Accuforce Band, 4' Strip Cando Accuforce Band, 4' Strip
    $1.86 - $10.00
  10. Cando Multi-Grip Exerciser 6 Ft CanDo® Multi-Grip™ Exerciser – 6’ (9 loops)
    $5.39 - $14.19
  11. Cando Digi-Extend Hand Exerciser Replacement Bands Cando Digi-Extend Hand Exerciser Replacement Bands
    $3.39 - $5.69
  12. Cando Exercise Band 4' Foot Strip Low Powder Cando® Low Powder Band, 4 Foot Strip
    $2.59 - $10.69
  13. Cando Digiflex Hand/Finger Exerciser Cando® Digi-Flex Exerciser - Finger, Hand & Forearm Strengthening
  14. Cando Exercise Band Loop 10" Black X-Heavy Resistance Cando® Exercise Band Loops - Cando Resistance Band Loops
    $3.19 - $6.69
  15. Cando Seating/Standing Vestibular Disc Cando Seating/Standing Vestibular Disc - 13.8" Diameter
  16. Cando Wate Balls CanDo® WaTE™ Balls
    $8.19 - $69.19
  17. Inflatable Sitting And Standing Vestibular Disc Cando® Inflatable Vestibular Disc - 13.8" Diameter
  18. Cando Exercise Tubing, 100' Dispenser Cando® Low Powder Exercise Tubing, 100' Dispenser
    $28.09 - $207.99
  19. Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball
  20. Cando Exercise Band, 6Yds, Low Powder Cando® Exercise Band & Resistance Bands, 6 Yards, Low Powder
    $8.68 - $48.69
  21. Cando 50 Yard Latex Free Exercise Band Cando 50 Yard Latex Free Exercise Band
    $58.44 - $92.30
  22. Val-u-Bands™, Latex-Free Val-u-Bands™ Exercise Bands & Resistance Bands, Latex-Free
    $9.49 - $67.69
  23. Cando Twist-N-Bend Resistive Exercise Bar Cando Twist-N-Bend Resistive Exercise Bar
  24. Cando Exercise Tubing, 25' Cando® Low Powder Exercise Tubing, 25'
    $8.79 - $61.49
  25. Cando® Exercise Band, 50 Yards, Low Powder Cando® Low Powder Exercise Bands & Resistance Bands - 50 Yards
    $52.23 - $352.23
  26. Cando Accuforce Band, 50Yd Dispenser Cando Accuforce Band, 50Yd Dispenser
    $59.31 - $316.73
  27. Puttycise Theraputty  Manual Puttycise Theraputty Manual
  28. Cando Deluxe Abs Inflatable Exercise Ball Cando Deluxe Abs Inflatable Exercise Ball
    $13.72 - $27.85
  29. Puttycise Theraputtytool Puttycise Hand Exercise Theraputty Tools
    $12.92 - $88.03
  30. Cando Door Disc Anchor Strap Cando® Door Disc Anchor Strap
  31. Cando Hand Exercise Web 7" Diameter Cando® Hand Exercise Web 7" Diameter
  32. Cando Chair-Free Pedal Exerciser Cando® Chair-Free Pedal Exerciser
  33. Cando® Vestibular Wedge Small 10"X10" Cando® Vestibular Sitting Wedge & Seat Wedge - Small 10" x 10"
  34. Cando Adjustable Foam Handles For Band Tubing Pair Cando® Adjustable Foam Handles for Resistance Band/Tubing, Pair
  35. Cando Ball With Feet Cando® Exercise Balls with Feet - Stability Balls for Classroom
    $14.69 - $25.99
  36. Cando Inflatable Balance Stepping Stones Cando® Inflatable Balance Stepping Stones
    $7.83 - $73.33
  37. Cando Exercise Ball Chair W/Locking Castors Cando® Plastic Ball Stool/Trainer
  38. Cando Full Body Set Of Loops Cando® Low Powder Exercise Loops - Total Body Sets
    $11.70 - $24.45
  39. The Cuff® Adjustable Weight The Cuff® Adjustable Weight
    $20.08 - $135.99
  40. Cando Color Coded Rubberband Hand Exerciser Cando® Color Coded Rubberband Hand Exerciser
  41. Cando Dynamic Stretching Exercise Strap Cando® Dynamic Stretch Strap
  42. Cando Hand Exercise Web 14" Diameter Cando® Hand Exercise Web 14" Diameter
  43. Theraputty Medium Green Qty Of 5 - 1 Lb Containers Theraputty Medium Green Qty Of 5 - 1 Lb Containers
  44. Cando Digiflex Hand/Finger Exerciser 5 Pc Set Cando® Digi-Flex Exerciser 5 Pc Set
  45. Cando Yoga Mats CanDo® Yoga Mats
    $16.84 - $22.49
  46. Cando Ball Stabilizer Base Cando® Ball Stabilizer Base
    $26.94 - $34.10
  47. Theraputty X-Soft Yellow Qty Of 5 - 1Lb Containers Theraputty X-Soft Yellow Qty Of 5 - 1Lb Containers
  48. Cando Pendulum Oscillation Bar Exerciser Cando Pendulum Oscillation Bar Exerciser

Items 1-48 of 87

Set Descending Direction
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A big thank you to the great people at massage Warehouse. I can’t imagine being more satisfied and pleased with their 5 star customer service, knowledge, product selection, prices and shipping. If you haven’t already, go check out their website. Great products for massage therapists, bodyworkers, estheticians and non-professionals too!

- Mountain Mobile Massage and Spa.

We started using these sheets over a year ago and they were the best investment we have ever made. We do over 200 massage/week. These sheets are not only soft and attractive; they are durable and virtually wrinkle free. Thanks you Angie Patrick and massage Warehouse for your amazing service and pricing!

- The Boston Bodyworkers LLC.


Massage Business Building Blocks By Angie Patrick

At some point in our lives, we have all had an expectation that was proven to be unrealistic in the normal course of life. This might be expectations we have from family, from friends, from our car, maybe our relationships, even down to the products we buy. I think it is only human; we all want what we want, when we want it, and how we want it. It is the society we live in and it is an incredibly common happening.While I am no expert in on human behavior or interpersonal skills, I am an expert on products. And I have had the good fortune to be in this business for over a decade and have pretty vast experience with various manufacturers, products and suppliers. I have seen things happen to therapists and spas in the course of business that could be easily avoided with a little information. Below is some insider information intended to help make buying massage products and equipment a bit easier, whether it be from a supplier or direct from a manufacturer.

Tips on Buying Massage and Spa Goods

  1. How, and How Often Should You Clean Your Massage or Spa Table
  2. Buying goods should be a task in which you have full confidence. I believe buying Professional Grade Products can help you make certain your products can withstand the rigors of professional repeated usage. Manufacturers and suppliers want nothing more than to please a client. (It is our prime directive!) But sometimes meeting those expectations are not so easy.

    A product warranty is a miraculous thing. Most Professional Grade Massage and Spa Products offer a limited or lifetime warranty to protect the buyer against manufacturer defects or shortcomings. These are especially handy when something breaks down within the warranty timeframe, and you can get a replacement or repair in a timely fashion. Often, the warranty is offered as a safety net for the buyer, given the buyer follows and complies with all usage directions and procedures.

    And while manufacturers should have no problem whatsoever in caring for items in the marketplace still under warranty, there is always a segment of customers who have overinflated expectations about product performance. The purpose in sharing the following scenarios with you is not to say there are any issues with particular massage or spa products, rather to point out some common unrealistic expectations of product performance.

  3. Scenario One
  4. Customer: “I am very disappointed with my massage sheets (XYZ product), I am seeing them begin to pill and fade, and I want my money back.”Me: “Oh I am so sorry to hear you are dissatisfied, let me pull your order up in my system so we can get your issue handled.”After a few moments of searching for the XYZ product in the order history, the manufacturer notices they purchased the item in January 2009.Me: “I am looking in the account, and I see this was purchased in January 2009.”Customer: “That’s right! I cannot believe how these things are showing wear, I am very disappointed with the quality. What can you do for me here?”Me: “Well, how many times a week are these used?”Customer: “4-5 times a week, we launder them often.”Me: “And just to confirm your usage of these items since 2009 is that correct?”Customer: “Correct”After some quick calculations, I came to the following conclusions:107 weeks in usage 535 washings 535 clients Original cost: $14.99 Cost Per Client Use: .03 cents per clientI shared this with the customer, and suddenly they saw things in a whole new light. Even cars depreciate after two and a half years. And they are not laundered every day! Suddenly, someone who was very disappointed with the product in the beginning was impressed with the same item, once they considered how much use it had provided. They purchased more massage sheets happily. They began to see the product replacement after due course of usage as a cost of doing business rather than a failure of manufacturing or supply.Expecting items to last forever with daily and repeated usage is unrealistic. Just as people age, so do products. One way to see if you have actually received substantial benefit from your investment is to amortize the cost of your product across the number of clients seen since you purchased it.Another thing to consider is timing. Consider this, you have bought an inflatable Christmas decoration from the Big Box Store down the street and have used it for the past two seasons. Now, in season three, it no longer inflates. But the likelihood of getting a replacement is really remote since it is three years since your purchase, and it might not occur to many to even try. It is accepted that things wear out, or can deteriorate with poor storage and lack of usage.

  5. Scenario Two
  6. A customer is opening up a new location, and has ordered various massage equipment from various manufacturers. The items arrived, but are not inspected before they are signed – stating they are in good condition. They are put into a room to store until the location opens, which may well be two or three months later. These items may need to be moved within a facility a couple of times before the facility is ready to open.Nearer the opening date, the items are finally opened and it is found the item may be damaged due to shipping, the wrong color, or even non-functional. Obviously, this is a problem. However, because it was not inspected upon receipt, months have now gone by, and the opportunities to file any claims with the shipping company have long passed. Additionally, if the product is just simply the wrong color, or not what you expected, you will likely now have to pay the shipping back to the manufacturer and possibly pay a restocking fee. This is the best argument I can provide for taking the time to inspect your equipment upon arrival and ensure it is in working order. Once you have stored it for months, moved it from room to room, it is very hard to prove an item was improperly working from the start. Many manufacturers are now cracking down on this type of return.A business owner/manager/director should be responsible to make sure the items arrive in-tact. If something looks amiss, the packaging is damaged, do not sign the paperwork that says everything is fine without notating on the delivery slip that there are problems with the packaging. Notating it can help the manufacturer file a claim and get your issue resolved far faster with this information, but you have to let the manufacturer know upon delivery. If too much time passes, it will be harder to get your issue resolved. Also, if you are buying equipment that must be assembled, a smart rule of thumb is to do it in the first 30 days following purchase. The reason for this is to be proactive and report any issues with your equipment in a timely fashion to the manufacturer or supplier you have utilized, and gain resolution proactively rather than a delayed report months down the line.Making sure your business runs efficiently is in large part dependent on the products you utilize. Taking a moment to consider the information in this article can help you make sure your next expansion goes well with your equipment and product needs. They may also help you determine if there is a basis for complaining about performance or whether it may just be time to replace your goods. As with most suppliers and manufacturers, the whole reason we exist is to serve our customers.I hope the scenarios I shared can provide you a behind-the-scenes glance of what may be entailed in a return and how you can help yourself (and the manufacturer) by notating and documenting issues, while considering the age and longevity of usage.