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      Massage Gel – Body & Facial Massage Gels

      Massage gel helps the massage therapist target specific muscle groups deeply and is ideal for deep tissue, sports massage and relaxation modalities. Massage gels help to generate muscle soothing heat from friction during the massage. Unlike creams and oils, massage gel is generally stain-free leaving less residue on the client and massage sheets. Massage Warehouse offers a wide range of massage gel products at the lowest prices guaranteed. See our 110% Price Match Guarantee! for more details.

      BIOTONE® Healthy Benefits® Gel
      As low as $13.35
      <p><strong>Soothing Touch® Invigorating Massage Gel</strong></p> <p>Invigorating Massage Gel <spSale
      As low as $4.99
      As low as $4.24

      Massage Gel FAQ:

      What are massage gels?

      Massage Gel:
      A Massage Gel is a product that can give you the glide of an oil, but without the residue remaining on the skin. This is a very light alternative to other massage lubricants as the weight is less, as is the feel on the skin. These are generally used in relaxations type massages, but can be formulated to provide grip when needed. One of the many advantages therapists have reported when using massage gels is the economy of use. It takes less massage gel to accomplish the same effect as when using an massage oil. Using less can mean saving product and money. Massage Gels are generally water dispersible, and are predominantly laundry friendly.

      Massage Gel Examples:
      Massage FX Gel
      Bon Vital Naturale Massage Gel
      Biotone Muscle and Joint Relief


      How to choose a massage gel based on massage modality?

      Massage gels are best for these modalities. Swedish Massage, Maternity Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Multi-Therapy Massage and Hot and Cold Stone Massage.

      What is the best massage gel?

      Massage Warehouse carries a wide range of massage gels brands including Massage FX®, Therapro, Biotone, Bon Vital, Soothing Touch and more.

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