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      Massage Lotion – Organic Body Massage Lotions

      Massage lotion is an essential lubrication agent for a broad range of massage modalities. Massage lotions penetrate the skin, providing hydration and softness. Organic body massage lotions often contain beneficial vitamins and other ingredients that can replace lost moisture, repair damaged skin, and heal skin conditions. Brands include Biotone, TheraPro, Massage FX, Lotus Touch, Soothing Touch, Bon Vital and more. Massage Warehouse offers a wide range of the best massage lotions and other massage therapy products at the lowest prices guaranteed. See our 110% Price Match Guarantee!

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      BIOTONE® Advanced Therapy® Massage Lotion
      As low as $12.30
      Massage Fx Lotion Paraben FreeSale
      As low as $8.25
      As low as $7.01
      Charlotte's Web™  Hemp Infused Balm - 1.5 oz
      As low as $14.99
      TheraPro Swedish LotionSale
      As low as $6.45
      As low as $5.29
      BIOTONE Herbal Select Foot LotionSale
      As low as $18.10
      As low as $14.48
      Bon Vital Muscle Therapy Lotion
      As low as $10.79
      BIOTONE® Nutri-Naturals® Lotion
      As low as $12.45
      Soothing Touch Ayurveda Massage Lotion
      As low as $8.99
      Bon Vital Naturale Massage Lotion
      As low as $10.45
      Bon Vital Deep Tissue Massage Lotion - Original
      As low as $7.79
      Lotus Touch Revitalizing Foot And Leg LotionSale
      As low as $13.89
      As low as $11.81
      BIOTONE Herbal Select Face Therapy Massage LotionSale
      As low as $17.95
      As low as $14.36
      "Holsters Of Silk" PackageSale
      As low as $25.68
      As low as $15.09
      Amber Lavender Aphrodisia Massage LotionSale
      As low as $7.99
      As low as $6.79
      Amber Geranium Sage Massage LotionSale
      As low as $7.99
      As low as $6.79

      Massage Lotion FAQ:

      What are massage lotions?

      Massage Lotions:
      Massage lotions are used when you would like the medium to reduce friction, but also absorb quickly. These are pumpable and are widely used across many of the more common modalities. Usually comprised of combinations of oils, the largest ingredient is usually water. This makes a massage lotion a good choice if massage laundry staining is a concern. Massage lotions provide a nice glide, but also absorb enough to provide the ability to perform deep tissue work as well.

      Massage Lotion Examples:
      Lotus Touch Organics Massage Lotion

      5 Star Customer Review by ZenBodywork
      I love Lotus Touch organic lotion and cream! I have used them in my massage practice for over 6 years and have great results when combining the lotion and cream for massages. The lotion provides great lubrication with appropriate friction and absorbs well into the client's skin without leaving a residue. Also, this lotion contains no nut oils, which is crucial when working with clients with allergies.

      Soothing Touch Lavender Lotion

      5 Star Customer Review by Bandie
      When I had to go into therapy myself, for a back injury during massage school, the therapist who worked on me used this lotion. The scent is a wonderful relaxer, it makes the hardest therapy session end feeling like a relaxation massage. I've used this lotion ever since then. My skin is very sensitive, but I've never broken out or had my hands feel sore after using this lotion, which is impressive - I've had reactions to hypoallergenic lotions before. The glide is excellent (even for hairy clients) and two pumps last throughout my work on each body part area. However, once I'm done working with it, this lotion absorbs into the skin soon after for a less "greasy" feeling. This is my favorite product to use for massage!


      How to choose a massage lotion based on massage modality?

      Massage Lotions are best for these modalities. Swedish Massage, Maternity Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Multi-Therapy Massage, Hot and Cold Stone Massage, On-Site Chair Massage, Acupressure and Reflexology.

      What is the best massage lotion?

      Massage Warehouse carries a wide range of massage lotions brands including Massage FX®, Therapro, Lotus Touch, Soma, Biotone, Bon Vital, Soothing Touch, Amber, Earthlite and more.

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