Salt Scrubs, Sugar Scrubs & Exfoliating Body Scrubs

Cleanse, refresh and renew your clients’ skin with exfoliating body scrubs. Salt scrubs and sugar scrubs can be used to gently prepare the skin for a variety of treatments including massage and bodywork, body masks and wraps or as a standalone all-over body scrub service. Select from our wide array of salt, sugar, apricot seed and pumice-based professional body scrub products at the lowest prices guaranteed.

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    Soothing Touch Salt Scrubs Soothing Touch® Salt Scrub - Herbal Salt Scrubs
    $11.39 - $92.79
    8  Reviews
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    In Room Scrub kit In Room Scrub Kit - Body Scrub Treatment Kit
    $226.75 $192.74
    1  Review
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    Keyano Scrub "Try Me" Kit Keyano Scrub "Try Me" Kit - Keyano Aromatics' Scrubs Trial Set
    $49.95 $39.96
    4  Reviews
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    Soothing Touch Brown Sugar Scrub Soothing Touch® Brown Sugar Scrub - 100% Certified Organic Brown Sugar
    $11.39 - $92.79
    8  Reviews
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    Lotus Touch Brown Sugar Scrub Lotus Touch Brown Sugar Scrub - Body Scrub
    3  Reviews
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    Citrus Body Polish Lotus Touch Citrus Body Polish - Exfoliating & Moisturizing - 2 Pack
    $29.78 $25.31
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Salt & Sugar Scrubs
Salt & Sugar Scrubs

Salt & Sugar Scrubs


What is a sugar scrub used for?

Made from natural ingredients, sugar scrubs are used to slough away dry, dead skin from the lips, face and body as a part of a regular skincare routine or during a variety of spa and massage treatments. Although the main ingredients in facial and body sugar scrubs are nearly identical, the difference is typically the size of the granules within the product. Facial and body exfoliating scrubs offer many benefits including the removal of dead skin cells to reveal healthy skin with a smooth texture, improved hydration and moisturizing qualities, and stimulation of better blood circulation for a healthy glow.

Should I use sugar scrub before or after shaving?

For a closer shave, experts recommend exfoliating with a quality exfoliant like a salt or sugar scrub before shaving. The process will reduce dead skin build up in the razor and decrease the chances of painful ingrown hairs.

Can you use salt scrub on your face?

Although facial salt scrubs do exist, experts typically recommend an enzyme exfoliant like Pharmagel® Enzyme Ex-Cell® Gentle Exfoliating Scrub or a sugar scrub. Unlike salt, sugar granules are smooth, round and therefore easier on facial and sensitive skin.

What is a sugar scrub massage?

A sugar scrub body massage is basically like a facial for the entire body. Typically given in a wet room environment for easy rinsing, the therapist will apply a generous layer of quality exfoliating sugar or salt scrub like BIOTONE® Exfoli-Sea Salt Glow Exfoliating Salt Scrub or Lotus Touch Brown Sugar Scrub and gently massage the skin. Upon rinsing, a quality moisturizer is applied to lock in hydration. In the instance a spa does not have a wet room, steamed towels may be used to remove the scrub or your therapist may choose a product like BIOTONE® Sugar Body Polish, a perfect exfoliation option to use in a dry room setting. A full body scrub can be performed as a standalone treatment or as a precursor to a traditional massage or body wrap.