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The place for your salon equipment and supplies. The salon essentials you need to give your clients the cool, sleek and stylish looks they demand. Our salon products include up and coming brands as well as some of the industries classics in the lash and brow, manicure, pedicure, chairs, furniture, hair care and skin care categories.

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  1. New
    Belvedere® Sneeze Guard Belvedere® Sneeze Guard
    $43.00 - $78.00
  2. New
    Belvedere®  36" x 72" Partition Fixed Belvedere® 36" x 72" Partition Fixed
    $395.00 - $420.00
  3. Belvedere® Look Chair Belvedere® Look Chair
    $507.00 - $1,031.00
  4. Belvedere® Lioness Chair Belvedere® Lioness Chair
    $693.00 - $866.00
  5. Belvedere® Lexus Chair Belvedere® Lexus Chair
    $435.00 - $1,304.00
  6. Belvedere® Kami Chair Belvedere® Kami Chair
    $641.00 - $1,395.00
  7. Belvedere® Camaleonte Backwash Unit Belvedere® Camaleonte Backwash Unit
    $1,489.00 - $2,095.00
  8. Belvedere® Arch Plus Chair Belvedere® Arch Plus Chair
    $690.00 - $1,433.00
  9. Belvedere® Angelina Chair Belvedere® Angelina Chair
    $1,240.00 - $2,031.00
  10. Belvedere® Mega Dyer Belvedere® Mega Dyer
  11. Belvedere® Jelly Fish Trolley Belvedere® Jelly Fish Trolley
  12. Belvedere® Just Color Trolley Belvedere® Just Color Trolley
  13. Belvedere® Manhattan Trolley Belvedere® Manhattan Trolley
  14. Belvedere® Upgrade Mix Trolley Belvedere® Upgrade Mix Trolley
  15. Belvedere® Colombina Styling Chair Belvedere® Colombina Styling Chair
  16. Belvedere® Eufemia Styling Chair Belvedere® Eufemia Styling Chair
  17. Belvedere® Lazzaro Backwash Unit Belvedere® Lazzaro Backwash Unit
  18. Belvedere® S4U Olymp Loop Styling Chair Belvedere® S4U Olymp Loop Styling Chair
  19. Belvedere® S4U Olymp Mellow Styling Chair Belvedere® S4U Olymp Mellow Styling Chair
  20. Belvedere® Monique Styling Chair Belvedere® Monique Styling Chair

Items 1-20 of 32

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A big thank you to the great people at massage Warehouse. I can’t imagine being more satisfied and pleased with their 5 star customer service, knowledge, product selection, prices and shipping. If you haven’t already, go check out their website. Great products for massage therapists, bodyworkers, estheticians and non-professionals too!

- Mountain Mobile Massage and Spa.

We started using these sheets over a year ago and they were the best investment we have ever made. We do over 200 massage/week. These sheets are not only soft and attractive; they are durable and virtually wrinkle free. Thanks you Angie Patrick and massage Warehouse for your amazing service and pricing!

- The Boston Bodyworkers LLC.