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The Lotus Touch Story

The Lotus Touch Story

In 1998, numerous professional therapists called in search of an alternative lubricant—massage oil, lotion or cream. These veteran therapists were developing rashes, contact dermatitis and open sores caused by nut oils in their lubricants. The team conducted extensive industry research and found customers and therapists were having reactions. This resulted in a downward spiral.... Therapists with sore hands couldn’t deliver good treatments, they and/or their employer lost revenue, clients who developed a post-treatment reaction didn’t return for more services, resulting in lost future revenues and possible damage to the facility and/or therapist reputation.

Further investigation showed that professional grade lubricants without nut oils simply didn’t exist. The team understood that this was a vital need and continued strategic discussions led to the creation of a nut-oil-free product, that used the purest ingredients possible. But, what to call this new and exciting brand? The team gathered ideas from our clients, consultants and staff. A single, common thread linked all of the ideas, Touch. A member of the staff suggested we incorporate the Lotus flower—an exotic water lily who’s beautiful, delicate flower gently rests on top of a lily pad and has a long stem that dives down, deep into the moist, nutrient-rich soil. The union of these concepts led to the birth of Lotus Touch.

Lotus Touch ingredients, like the Lotus flower, float above the rest. They are high-quality, pure, natural ingredients that provide therapeutic benefits. Every Lotus Touch product has been thoroughly researched and field tested by veteran therapists. Lotus Touch formulations and ingredient research provide you with the best professional products available. Lotus Touch is committed to using the finest seed and vegetable oils, botanical extracts and essential oils. Lotus Touch guarantees that we will never use: Nut Oils, Mineral Oils or Direct Alcohols.

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