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With so many options on the market, choosing massage products can be overwhelming and experimenting can get pricey. Our exclusive massage kits were designed to give you variety without blowing the budget. Choose from our carefully crafted selection of massage oil, lotion, cream, body scrub, and aromatherapy kits or our conveniently packaged massage sets including both lubricants and accessories. Having a diverse supply of massage lubricants on hand has never been more affordable.

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    Body Care Essentials Kit - Body Wrap & Body Exfoliation Kit Body Care Essentials Kit - Body Wrap & Body Exfoliation Kit

    $99.46 $79.57

  2. Sale
    Complete Your Massage Table Kit Complete Massage Table Starter Kit - Massage Sheets, Lotions, Creams, Oils & More
    $117.02 $93.61
    2  Reviews
  3. Sale
    Double Holster Kit Double Massage Holster Kit for Massage Lotion & Oil Bottles
    $42.46 $33.97
    4  Reviews
  4. Sale
    Massage Fx Massage Kit Massage FX Massage Cream , Lotion & Oil Kit
    $27.77 $22.21
    5  Reviews
  5. BIOTONE® Trial Kit BIOTONE® Massage Trial Kit
  6. BIOTONE® Pure Touch® Organics Trial Kit BIOTONE® Pure Touch® Organics Massage Gel & Creme Trial Kit
  7. BIOTONE® Advanced Therapy® Massage Trial Kit BIOTONE® Advanced Therapy® Massage Trial Kit
    1  Review
  8. Sale
    Premium Holster Kit Massage Lotion Holster Kit - Lotus Touch Massage Cream
    $37.66 $30.12
    3  Reviews
  9. Sale
    Keyano Butter Cream "Try Me" Kit Keyano Butter Cream "Try Me" Kit
    $48.95 $39.16
    1  Review
  10. Sale
    New Lotus Touch Organic Naturals Massage Kit New Lotus Touch Massage Lotion, Cream & Oil Kit
    $47.66 $38.12
    2  Reviews
  11. Sale
    Lotus Touch Organic Naturals Massage Kit Lotus Touch Massage Kit
    $38.87 $31.09
    1  Review
  12. Therapro Massage Kit Therapro Massage Kit - Massage Cream, Lotion, Oil & Gel
    1  Review
  13. Sale
    Keyano Scrub "Try Me" Kit Keyano Scrub "Try Me" Kit - Keyano Aromatics' Scrubs Trial Set
    $49.95 $39.96
    4  Reviews
  14. Sale
    Lotus Touch Classic Massage Kit Lotus Touch Classic Massage Kit - Massage Cream, Lotion & Oil
    $50.96 $40.76
  15. Mix 'N' Match Oils Creams and Lotions Mix 'N' Match Massage Oils, Creams and Lotions - Select 3
    6  Reviews
  16. Sale
    Keyano Peppermint Stick Package Keyano Peppermint Stick Package - Butter Cream, Body Scrub & Massage Oil
    $29.77 $23.81
  17. Soothing Touch Spa Success Kit Soothing Touch® Spa Success Kit - Exfoliating Salt Scrubs, Sugar Scrubs & Body Oils
  18. Keyano Aromatherapy Massage Oil Trial Kit Keyano Aromatics Aromatherapy Massage Oils Try Me Kit
    Please for professional pricing
    4  Reviews
  19. Master Massage Oil Set Of 4 SpaMaster® Variety Aromatherapy Massage Oil
    2  Reviews
  20. Soothing Touch Jojoba Massage Success Kit Soothing Touch® Jojoba Massage Success Kit - Massage Lotions & Creams
    2  Reviews
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Massage Kits
Massage Kits

Massage Kits


When should I use body butter?

Body butter is the thickest of all moisturizers and is applied to lubricate and nourish the skin. It is extremely effective on very dry areas of the body including lips, hands, elbows, legs and feet. Use during a massage or after bathing to lock in moisture.

What is a body scrub massage?

A popular full body treatment, body scrub massage combines the exfoliating power of sea salt or sugar scrubs with the relaxing properties of traditional massage. The fine crystals exfoliate while essential oil infused cream deeply hydrates, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

What is Aromatherapy Massage?

Aromatherapy massage is Swedish massage therapy using a carrier oil or lotion infused with essential oils. Throughout the massage, essential oils are inhaled and absorbed into the skin affecting the limbic system, a region of the brain known to affect emotion. In addition to adding essential oils to the massage oil, consider diffusing it for further relaxation.

Benefits of aromatherapy massage are believed to include:

• Stress & Anxiety Reduction

• Promotion of Relaxation

• Decrease in Muscle Tension

• Pain Relief from Various Conditions such as Arthritis & Fibromyalgia

• Reduction in the Symptoms of Depression

• Insomnia

What are the best essential oils for massage?

Each single note essential oil has unique properties and aromas that are believed to affect the senses in different ways. Deciding which oil to use in the treatment is best determined by a discussion between therapist and client.

Most commonly used essential oils in aromatherapy massage are:

• Bergamot

• Cedarwood

• Chamomile

• Eucalyptus

• Geranium

• Ginger

• Lavender

• Lemon

• Orange

• Peppermint

• Tea Tree