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Salon Sterilizers & Sterilizing Equipment

Salon sterilizers keep your equipment and implements free of harmful germs and bacteria. Available in a wide variety of options, salon sterilizers use a variety of methods to kill germs including UV light sterilization, steam, heat and liquids. Massage Warehouse proudly offers a full supply of sterilizer jars, disinfecting trays for nail implements or other small beauty tools, autoclave sterilizers, UV sterilizers and more at the lowest prices guaranteed.

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  1. Sterilizer Jar Medium Size Sterilizer Jar Medium Size - Round, Clear Glass Sterilizer Jar with Lid
  2. Prestige Medical Grade Steam Sterilizer Prestige Classic 2100 Electric Autoclave Sterilizer
  3. Natural Nail Client Guard Kit Natural Nail Client Guard Kit - Natural Manicure Kit
  4. Spare Uv Sterilizer Bulb Spare Uv Sterilizer Bulb
  5. Sterilizer Jar Large Size Sterilizer Jar Large Size - Glass Sterilizer Jar with Lid - 9" tall, 41 fl oz
  6. J&A Fully Automatic Autoclave with Drying Option J&A Fully Automatic Autoclave with Drying Option
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What is an autoclave?

Defined by, an autoclave is “a strong heated container used for chemical reactions and other processes using high pressures and temperatures, e.g. steam sterilization.” Autoclaves are used within the medical, scientific and beauty industries to achieve the highest level of sterilization. A salon or spa autoclave is typically used to eliminate bacteria, fungus, viruses and other harmful organisms from manicure and pedicure tools. Portable autoclaves like the Prestige Classic 2100 Electric Autoclave and the J&A Fully Automatic Autoclave are powerful countertop sterilization options.

How hot does an autoclave get?

Used to sterilize spa tools and salon implements by using high levels of heat and pressure, autoclaves typically operate at about 270 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 30 minutes.

How can I sterilize tools in a salon?

Salons and spas primarily use three different methods to keep tools clean and disinfected - UV light, moist heat, dry heat or a combination of all three. UV sterilizers are affordable options that use UV-C wavelengths to destroy microorganisms exposed to the rays of light. In most instances, full disinfection with a UV sterilizer takes 30 to 90 minutes depending on the cycle. Moist heat sterilizers, or autoclaves, use pressure and steam at very high temperatures to effectively eliminate harmful organisms in about 20 minutes. These units are best suited for metal salon and spa tools. Lastly, dry heat sterilization is dependent on achieving extremely hot temperatures operating similarly to autoclaves without the moisture.

Throughout the working day, many estheticians, beauticians and therapists choose to keep implements and tools in a sanitizing tray or jar filled with a germicidal liquid like Barbicide for cleaning between clients.

How do I use a UV sterilizer in a salon?

UV Sterilizers work by exposing tools or equipment to rays of ultraviolet light that effectively destroy harmful microorganisms. While each unit will come with brand-specific instructions, most sterilizers operate in a similar fashion.

• Make sure your unit is on a flat, stable surface and plugged in.
• Place your implements and salon tools inside the unit and choose a cycle, if optional.
• About halfway through the cycle, flip over the tools or implements to ensure 360 degree disinfection.
• Upon completion of the cycle, remove tools.