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      Healing the World, one body at a time - 1/11/2015 1:11:21 PM

      I am a Kinesiotherapist and a Massage Therapist working as a sole practitioner in a home based geriatric practice. My clients are referred to me for balance and mobility training; the most common diagnosis I treat is Alzheimer’s disease.
      Alzheimer’s disease is a common form of dementia, defined as a gradual onset, progressive, degenerative disease that attacks the brain and results in impaired memory, thinking and behavior, reducing the ability to perform routine activities. As a Kinesiotherapist, I am brought in to help slow the degeneration and help maintain physical function.
      Alzheimer’s disease also can be characterized by anger, agitation, confusion and aggressive behavior. It is very difficult to calm an agitated patient primarily because the cause for the agitation is forgotten, what the patient is left with is an “unattached” emotion. Massage Therapy is the most valuable tool I have in my cadre of treatment options. Massage often helps calm and ground an agitated client. The nurturing touch combined with the focused, one on one attention, is incredibly successful in stress reduction and it is soothing. Massage Therapy also aids in relieving muscle tension, and the pain associated with Osteo arthritis and muscular imbalance.
      I was recently hired to work with a 84 y/o female diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The order was for balance and mobility training. The client was not willing to cooperate with therapy; simply would not entertain it. When I realized I was losing the therapy battle, I asked her if she was having any pain. She complained of lower back pain and swelling in her legs. I immediately began to massage (superficial, Swedish) and gently stretch her legs. She allowed me touch her hands and then eventually her lower back. After 30 minutes of massage, I was able to get her to take a walk with me and do an functional evaluation.
      It has been several weeks and she continues to be resistant to the exercise intervention. However, I start and end every session with massage and incorporate it in between exercises. She is much less resistant to our sessions, she is gaining the benefit to exercise (unknowingly) and I leave her with a calm feeling that sticks with her a pleasant “unattached” emotion.

      Elieen | Kinesiotherapist/Massage Therapist

      Mobile Massage - 1/10/2015 11:54:30 AM

      I started school in January of 2014 and graduated in December of 2014 with my Massage Therapy certification. One of the most popular questions I received other than "do I get a free massage" was "will you come to me?" I started pondering this question and realized there was a demand for mobile massage services in our area. I knew from that point on I would focus my preparations on setting up a mobile massage service. The thought of coming into someone's home with all of my equipment and setting up a nice environment seemed a little time consuming and not realistic for everyone's situation. After talking with one of my instructors about this, she informed me of the idea of a converted bus or recreational vehicle to layout a spa setting. She had been informing her students of this idea for years and no one had constructed anything yet. I knew as soon as I heard this that it was exactly what I had been searching for. I couldn't wait to graduate and start my dream mobile massage business. I thought about how much clients would look forward to the idea of me coming to them and still having that "spa" experience. I started doing extensive research online to get ideas and came across a mobile conversion company in Utah. They had converted a small bus into a mobile spa and it was for sale. I knew right away that was my future business I was looking at. After further discussion with my family I decided to go ahead with the business. I am young and somewhat inexperienced with setting up a business so I have really relied on my family and instructors who have been extremely helpful and enthusiastic about my business. I will officially start business within the next few weeks, but judging by the interest that has been shown by future clients in my area I am sure this will be a hit! I can't wait to start my future running such an incredible business doing what I absolutely love!

      Stephanie Burnett | Massaggio Mobile Spa

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