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Keep your therapy practice running efficiently with top-of-the-line orthopedic, acupuncture, and chiropractic supplies and equipment. A quality selection of adjusting tools, chiropractic tables and traction tables, electrotherapy and imaging equipment, orthopedic pillows and cushions, therapeutic tape, and compression bandages, are all essential elements to providing the highest level of care. For your convenience, offers a comprehensive inventory of chiropractic equipment and orthopedic supplies from industry-leading brands and manufacturers. Shop our selection confidently with our Price Match Guarantee. For added value, set up periodic shipping of your chiropractic supplies with our Autoship program.

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We want you to be 100% satisfied. Our aim is to provide you with quality products at an affordable price. If an item does not meet your expectations, we'll gladly refund your money within 30 days after purchase. In order to keep our prices the lowest possible, some exceptions apply, including a 20% restocking fee applied after 30 days and 30% restocking fee applied after 60 days, should the item be in a usable condition. Please see our [1]Returns section for detailed information.

If you find the same product for a lower price from any other company, we will refund/match the difference. Offer is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Valid on orders shipped within the continental United States. Cannot price match against auction sites. Pricing match is based on competitor complying with Manufacturer’s Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. If a product is listed below “MAP” we may not be able to match that price. Vendor that we price match must have product available to purchase and not on backorder.


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What equipment and supplies are most needed in a chiropractic exam room?

There are a few things common to any chiropractic exam room. You’ll always find an adjusting table, diagnostic tools, therapeutic tape, and exercise and rehabilitation tools. Many chiropractic rooms will also have electrotherapy supplies and X-ray supplies. The exam room will also usually have support pillows, cushions, wedges, and other support tools to safely support your back during an exam. Chiropractic office supplies and exam room supplies are necessary to ensure a safe and complete chiropractic examination. Using the right diagnostic tools and equipment can ensure your chiropractor can safely and accurately assess your condition and treatment options.

How does a chiropractic adjustment tool work?

A chiropractic adjustment tool is an instrument specifically designed to adjust the spine and extremities through already safely established protocols. The safest and most common technique chiropractors use is the Activator Method Technique. The tool is a spring-loaded instrument that offers low-force impulses to targeted areas to relieve pain and distress. The instrument is also designed to take much of the pressure off the hand of the chiropractor to minimize any difficulty in using the tool correctly.

What are the must-have chiropractic accessories?

In addition to a comfortable adjustment table, complete with pillows for comfort and support, necessary chiropractic accessories may include the chiropractic adjustment tool and diagnostic tools and equipment like reflex hammers, goniometers, 2-point discriminators, fingertip pulse oximeters, and otoscopes. Other important accessories can include therapeutic tape, electrotherapy equipment, and X-ray supplies like X-ray film and radiation shielding for the patient to wear.

What exactly does a chiropractor practice?

A chiropractor is an expert in muscle, spine, and nervous system development. They are responsible for assessing, diagnosing, and treating pain with chiropractic supplies and techniques specific to chiropractics. They focus mainly on back pain, neck pain, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, chronic headaches, and other similar problems. Through carefully established protocols, chiropractors manipulate the spinal cord to minimize or eliminate recurring pain for suffering patients. They are experts in helping patients regain mobility and flexibility to be able to continue their everyday life without pain.

Does a chiropractor need specialty certifications to practice acupuncture or electrotherapy?

A chiropractor can perform acupuncture without specialty certification. Acupuncture is one of the many techniques chiropractors are already trained to perform safely and effectively. In fact, because they are trained to fully understand the spine, muscles, and nervous system, they are the best people to turn to for acupuncture therapy. In order to use certain electrotherapy equipment, you must be a licensed chiropractor. An accredited chiropractic program usually takes four years to complete.

What is a chiropractic drop table?

A chiropractic drop table is a type of adjusting table that can be used with a particular technique in chiropractic therapy. Essentially, the chiropractor will create a sudden movement in the spine or pelvic region to loosen tight muscles and bones. During the technique, the drop table allows the patient’s lower body to drop safely, relieving pressure on the spine during the moment of thrust. This can help the spinal cord tremendously and minimize pain without risking any serious damage to the musculoskeletal system.

What are the differences between chiropractic, orthopedics, and physical therapy?

Both physical therapy and chiropractic care require assessment by a professional who will evaluate your overall health and your pain. They differ in a few key ways. Chiropractic care focuses on relieving pain in areas like the neck and spine. Physiotherapy instead focuses on the body as a whole to help ease pain and minimize the body’s need to compensate because of it.

In chiropractic care, the chiropractor will perform physical movements on you whereas, in physiotherapy, you will be guided to perform exercises that can help reduce or eliminate your pain over time. Orthopedics involves supporting damaged or injured muscles or bones with support bandages designed to help your muscles repair without any further damage.