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Ear coning, or ear wax candling, is an ancient practice of using a lit candle to draw wax from the ear. Still popular today, ear candles are used to remove painful wax build up, improve hearing, and even potentially cure ear infections. Cylinder Works Ear Candles are made from 100% cotton muslin cloth, certified organic essential oils and natural beeswax or food grade paraffin waxes. Shop today and save with our 110% Price Match Guarantee.

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Cylinder Works Candles
Cylinder Works Candles

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What is ear candling?

Ear candling, or ear coning, is the practice of using a hollow core ear candle to extract stubborn ear wax from the inner ear. A practice that has been around for thousands of years, proponents of this method claim that the candle creates a pressure differential that pulls wax and debris out of the ear.

Is ear candling safe?

Ear candling is safe as a wax extraction method. As this process involves an open flame, appropriate precautions should be implemented. Take care to protect your skin and surrounding environment by inserting the candle through a paper plate to avoid burns from dripping wax or ash. Other methods include wrapping a small towel around the base of the candle to shield the skin.

How do I use ear candles?

Ear wax extraction with either beeswax or paraffin ear candles requires assistance from a second person.

Step 1:
Client lays on his or her side on a flat surface with the subject ear facing up. Use a small pillow or cushion to align the head and spine.

Step 2:
Insert the pointed end of the candle in the affected ear. To avoid burning the skin or surrounding area with dripping wax or falling ash, insert the candle through a hole in a paper plate or wrap with a towel near the ear.

Step 3:
Make certain the candle remains open and trimmed as the candle burns.

Step 4:
Burn the candle for about 15 minutes.

Step 5:
Blow out the flame.

How often should I use ear candles?

Most clients know when wax build-up or sinus pressure has reached a point for extraction intervention. For those with chronic issues or wear hearing devices, therapists recommend ear coning procedures every two weeks or so.

Does ear candling work?

Although a controversial subject, many people believe ear coning, or candling, can improve a wide variety of conditions including stubborn wax removal, ear infections, sinus infections, chronic headaches and swimmer’s ear. Although there is no scientific evidence that states as such, proponents of ear candling also tout the process as a solution for sore throats, blood pressure control, and stress. Please seek guidance from your medical provider for more information