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      Ear Therapy Supplies

      At Massage Warehouse, there is no aspect of your practice that we consider too small to take seriously. Likewise, we know that there is no part of the body too small or insignificant to benefit from therapeutic touch. You care about your clients’ ears, and so do we. Accordingly, MassageWarehouse.com offers a range of ear products that both you and your clients will love. Not only do we have quality products for ear acupuncture, but also some professional ear thermometers. Finally, we stock facemasks with super soft ear loops so that you can do your job safely and comfortably.

      Adenna Harmony Ear Loop Face Mask, 50 count
      Millennia Magnetic Pellets 1.7mm 800 Gauss
      Dukal Procedure Mask With Ear Loop, Blue 50Ct
      Acupuncture Ear Seeds A-6 200/Box
      White Egret Starter Kit The Ulimate Candling Exper
      Covers For Tender Temp Ear Thermometer
      Deluxe Ear Thermometer
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