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      Neck Massage Tools, Wraps and Supports

      Massage Warehouse is as dedicated to the health of your practice as you are to the health of your clients. That is why we are pleased to provide you with the best massage neck products on the market. We carry traction collars as well as a wide range of quality neck supports that your clients will love, from bolsters to pillows. MassageWarehouse.com also stocks several products to help you pamper the neck of each and every one of your clients. We have collagen neck masks, trigger point massage tools, and herbal neck wraps. For your enjoyment, we offer beautiful necklaces.

      Crystal Collagen Neck Mask
      Betty Dain Neck-Eez Shampoo Bowl Neck Rest
      HappiNeck Therapeutic Neck Pillow
      Posture Right Neck Orthotic
      Dr. Riter's Real Ease Neck Support
      Earthlite Neck Contour Bolster
      As low as $39.00
      Spidertech Gentle, Neck
      Betty Dain "The Gripper" Gel Shampoo Bowl Neckrest
      Neck King Trigger Point Massage Tool
      Travel Core Neck Pillow
      Kent Trigger Point Charts - Head & Neck
      Blue Pillow Case For Travel Core Neck Pillow
      Happineck Therapeutic Neck Pillow- Blue
      Hausmann Finger, Gooseneck, Chorme
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