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      Betty Dain Creations Products

      From stylish beauty apparel to classic coverings for clients, Betty Dain Creations is your source for salon apparel. At Betty Dain Creations, we want you to like what you wear to work! Looking to fashion trends for inspiration in colors, designs and prints our apparel is made to function in all salon processes while enduring intense laundering. From chemical capes that really protect and still manage to be cool and comfortable, to stylist apparel boasting function and fashion, we offer apparel for ALL of your salon needs. Our experienced team allows us to offer you the finest selection of merchandise available including salon and spa apparel, brushes, hair color accessories, and cosmetic accessories.

      Terry Headband With Velcro White
      Betty Dain Neck-Eez Shampoo Bowl Neck Rest
       Betty Dain Bleachproof Hourglass Apron
      Betty Dain Stylist Jacket Black Osfm
      Betty Dain "The Gripper" Gel Shampoo Bowl Neckrest
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