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One-Size-Fits-All, hygienic & Safe Paraffin waxgloves and coconut oil treatment. Restore, Replenish and Soothe Dry, Tired and Sore Hands & Feet. Constant use and exposure to elements can leave hard working hands and feet in rough shape. With gLOVE Treat, a revolutionary paraffin wax therapy, you can soothe and rejuvenate parched skin in these vital areas right at home. Veteran spa owner Deanna Montrose noticed that paraffin dipped hands and feet were always popular at her salon. The only problem was that the process was messy and unsanitary and the results were short lived. That's why Deanna created gLOVE Treat--a custom mix of wax, cosmetic grade paraffin, calming lavender, and virgin coconut oil well known for its antioxidant power. The hydrating emollient fills the inside lining of one-size-fits-all gloves and booties. Pop in the microwave for quick and easy heating and a built-in sensor signals optimal temperature and readiness. The treatment wraps hands and feet like a warm blanket and melts in like butter, leaving them richly moisturized and smelling lovely. Good for up to 4 uses, the gLOVE keeps skin soft from hand to toe.

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gLOVE Treat
gLOVE Treat

gLOVE Treat

Glove Treat FAQ:

How do I use the gLOVE Treat Glove or Boot?

Remove the glove or boot from the cardboard packaging. You can place both both gloves or both boots in the microwave at the same time side by side if you have a large microwave. Otherwise, you will need to place only one glove or one boot in the microwave at a time. Heating the paraffin wax on high for approximately 90-120 seconds. The paraffin wax should be completely clear in the glove or boot. NOTE: Do not warm for more than 2 minutes at a time. If the wax is not completely clear after the first 90-120 seconds in the microwave, remove the glove or boot and massage the wax then return to the microwave for an additional 30 seconds. Repeat until all of the paraffin wax is clear. The thermochromatic heart indicator will show red when the paraffin wax is too hot for skin. Wait until the indicator turns completely gray. This means it is safe to place your hand or foot into the paraffin wax. Secure the glove or boot with the attached velcro straps. We recommend 15 minutes of use for each glove or boot for normal conditioned skin. For dry, tired and aging skin, you can go for longer than 15 minute treatments. Or, if you just like the warm embrace, there’s no harm in letting the essential oils in the paraffin wax deep-penetrate your skin. The product comes with plastic clips to close the product and heat again. No need to refrigerate after opening. An instruction sheet with video link comes with your purchase.

Do I take the glove or boot out of bag before microwaving?

Yes. The bag containing boots and gloves has aluminum in it and should not be put in the microwave. Save the bag for storage and place gloves and boots back in after use.


I do not own a microwave do you have any suggestions?

You can wrap glove treat in a damp towel with the thermochromatic labels facing in and heat in a steamer pot for 3 to 4 minutes. Remember the perfect temperature for use is when the product is milky in color and thermochromatic is NOT Red in color

How do I know when the gLOVE Treat Glove or Boot as seen on Good Morning America is cool enough to use?

The thermochromatic heart indicator on the outside of each gLOVE Treat Glove and Boot will indicate when the treatment is safe. Remember, a red heart indicator means it’s too hot. Wait for it to cool down, which will be visibly noticeably as the heart changes from red to gray. When it’s all gray, it’s safe to use.

How long should I keep the gLOVE Treat Glove or Boot on?

We recommend 15 minutes of use for each glove or boot for normal conditioned skin. For dry, tired and aging skin, you can go for 20 minute treatments. Or, if you just like the warm embrace, there’s no harm in letting the essential oils in the paraffin wax deep-penetrate your skin. In a rush? You may see results in as little as 5 minutes.

Are these gloves safe and comfortable for use on severe dry skin?

gLOVE Treat is fortified with 50% coconut oil that is known for its antioxidant capabilities. Paraffin wax helps to soften the skin and helps the skin to retain and hold moisture. The heat of paraffin wax will help to aid in circulation and drive the coconut oil further into the skin. All of this helps dry skin and makes gLOVE Treat an excellent product to treat with.

What are the ingredients?

A blend of paraffin waxes, coconut oil and lavender oil. gLOVE Treat has no artificial fragrances though our product does have lavender oil and coconut oil in it, which gives a mild spa aroma. There is no coconut oil fragrance in our product.

I see gLOVE Treat is one-size fits all, my husband has large hands will it fit his hands?

gLOVE Treat fits most hands but like all One Size Fits All products there are some that do not fall into its size. You can make a small cut at the top of the glove (which will widen the wrist area) if you struggle and this will help your hand ease in. For extremely large hands this product would not fit. boot is a men's size 13½