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      Essential Oil Kits & Aromatherapy Essential Oil Kits

      Blended essential oils, or fusions, are a wonderful way to combine the power of single essential oils without the hassle of blending and mixing. These essential oil kits are a great way to try a number of oils and save a little at the same time! Buy Essential Oil Kits Sets & Packages. Pure. Natural. Essential Oils are used in many products and treatments. Select from 100% essential oils wholesale single notes, oil blends, aromatherapy oil, fusions, essential oil kits and unique accessories and equipment. Aromatherapy is…The use of essential oils from aromatic plants; by inhalation or skin absorption to promote health and a sense of wellbeing. Essential oils stimulate the nervous and endocrine system, kill pathogens & boost immunity. Depending on the plant used they can be: relaxing, restoring to the mind, body and spirit, or energizing.

      Lotus Touch Blended Essential Oil Trial KitSale
      Spa Room Roll-A-Therapy
      Lotus Touch Basic Aromatherapy PackageSale
      Lotus Touch Aromatherapy Diffusion PackageSale
      Lotus Touch Single Note Essential Oil Trial KitSale
      Lotus Touch Single Note Classic PackSale
      Lotus Touch Blended Oil Premium Pack
      Deluxe Aromatherapy KitSale
      Spa Room Bottle Variety Pack
      Spa Room Bottle Tester Kit (24)