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      Save More with AMTA   |   $4.99 Shipping   |   To Order 1-888-918-2253

      Stretching and Flexibility Supplies

      Stretching and flexibility are very important to well being. At Massage Warehouse & Spa Essentials, we have a wealth of creative stretching equipment for your lower extremities, including the PRECOR Stretch Trainer stretching machine, which incorporates stretching into every exercise. Additionally, we offer incline boards, foam rollers, core stretch and stretching equipment with a stretch strap to increase flexibility and get the most out of your rehab and exercise regimen.

      Thera-Band Foot Roller - As Seen on The Doctors TV Show - TheraBand Foot Roller
      Thera-Band Stretch Strap
      Stretch Out Strap With Booklet
      Prostretch Sports Therapy Single Unit
      Elgin Archexerciser
      Prostretch Sports Therapy Double Unit
      Cando Dynamic Stretching Exercise Strap
      Adjustable Incline Board
      Thera-Band Foam Roller WrapsSale
      As low as $21.69
      As low as $18.44
       Pink Ranger Shoulder Pulley W/Web Strap
      Incline Board - 25 Degree
      Incline Board - 30 Degrees
      Padded Quadriceps Board
      Progressive Incline Boards
      Core Stretch
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