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If you're in the business of helping people feel their best, you know that investing in a top-quality massage or physical therapy table is essential; at, we carry a full line of mat platform tables from industry-leading brands like Armedica, Bailey, Hausmann and more at the best prices guaranteed. Whether you're interested in a folding platform table or static platform table, crank-adjustable table or electric-powered mat platform table, we have options to suit your wishlist. Most of our mat platform tables are suitable for massage treatments, spa services, or physical therapy and are built to withstand heavy use. Shop our inventory of mat platform tables confidently with our Price Match Guarantee and exceptional customer service.

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What type of tables do physical therapists use?

Physical therapists use a variety of table types to provide their clients with comfortable physical therapy sessions. The physical therapy mat table is a static or adjustable treatment platform with a padded top that facilitates physical therapy evaluations and treatments. It has a non-skid vinyl base and sections that can be moved to accommodate patients in various positions and sizes. Also known simply as a mat platform table, these therapy tables are used for physical examinations, treatments, screenings, assessments, and imaging studies. Generally lightweight and durable, mat platform tables come equipped with a variety of options such as adjustable height settings for the best possible access to treatment areas. Physical therapy tables provide both the physical therapists and their patients with the safety, stability, and comfort needed during rehabilitation sessions.

What is a mat table used for?

A physical therapy mat table, also known as a mat platform table, is a versatile piece of physical therapy equipment used for assessments, diagnosis, and physical therapy treatment of patients. Its surface is cushioned to provide comfort and support during physical activities. Adjustable height tables with crank-adjustable or electric-powered mechanisms enable physical therapists to customize the surface to their own height so they are more comfortable during physical therapy sessions. Additionally, physical therapists can use the mat surface to practice exercises with patients that require lying down on a flat surface or kneeling on cushioned mats. Mat tables also have accessories such as straps, additional padding, and exercise charts that allow physical therapists to provide even more tailored physical therapists services. In addition to rehabilitative facilities, mat tables are often used in sports settings, chiropractic offices, clinics and other medical practices.

What different types of mat platform tables are there?

Mat platform tables have become extremely popular in physical therapy offices, commercial gyms, and home settings. Generally speaking, there are three main types of mat platform tables available on the market today. The most common type is a standard physical therapy mat table, which is designed to be used with physical rehabilitation equipment and to provide support when doing exercises or stretches. Another style of mat platform table is an adjustable (or Hi-Lo) version, which can be raised, lowered or reclined to accommodate a variety of physical therapy exercises. Lastly, there is the traditional exercise floor mat table, which provides an ideal surface for performing bodyweight exercises without the risk of slipping. All three types of mat platform tables offer considerable benefits, making them invaluable tools for physical therapists seeking to maximize their clients' physical performance and recovery time. At, we categorize our mat platform tables by the predominant feature for your shopping convenience. These categories include Crank Adjustable Tables, Electric Mat Platform Tables, Folding Mat Platform Tables, and Static (or Stationary) Tables.

Are all mat platform tables adjustable?

Many physical therapy clinics may be interested in the convenience that a mat platform table can offer. These tables are designed to fit specific physical therapy needs and typically provide adjustable heights, widths, and lengths. However, not all mat platform tables are adjustable, some are static mat platform tables; it is important to ensure that a physical therapist's individual requirements are taken into consideration when selecting one. By doing so, physical therapists can select a mat platform table that will give them safe and easy access to their patients during their physical therapy sessions.

How much weight can a mat platform table support?

For physical therapists, having a mat platform table that can support the weight of all patients is essential. The amount of weight each table type can support depends on its design and construction. Generally speaking, mat platform tables have robust frames which provide additional stability and the ability to hold up to 550 pounds. This makes them ideal for physical therapy applications as well as a variety of other uses such as physical examination tables and massage tables. Supportive braces, adjustable heights, and folding legs further strengthen a mat platform table’s capacity while also providing convenience in mobility and storage. Therapists should consider all these elements when selecting the right Mat Platform Table for their practice.

What is the difference between a physical therapy table and a massage table?

While both physical therapy tables and massage tables may appear similar at first glance, there are significant differences between the two. Physical therapy tables are specifically designed to support the patient during rehab exercises, providing stability and a solid surface for performing therapeutic activities. Massage tables, on the other hand, are often equipped with a variety of massage table accessories like extra padding and face cradles to make them comfortable for clients who are lying down either on their stomachs or their backs during sessions. Furthermore, physical therapy tables often feature a series of adjustable parts that can be changed to meet individual rehabilitative needs, while massage tables typically remain stationary throughout the process. All in all, these differences illustrate why it's important to use the right table when it comes to physical therapy treatments and massage sessions.