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      Save More with AMTA   |   $4.99 Shipping   |   To Order 1-888-918-2253

      Instructional Educational Massage DVDs & Videos

      See the latest techniques for diagnosing, releasing, manipulating or helping your clients relax or recover from injury with these instructional DVD programs.

      Trail Guide To The Body Textbook, 5th Ed.
      A Therapeutic Approach To Stone Massage Dvd
      Stretch Your Clients At Home Study Course
      Releasing The Rotator Cuff Home Study Course
      Stretch Your Clients Dvd
      Thai For The Table Prone & Side-Lying Dvd
      Acucups Cupping Massage DVD
      Anatomy And Pathology For Bodyworkers Dvd S Reihl
      Releasing The Rotator Cuff Dvd
      Oleg Bouimer's Russian Hot Rocks Sport Massage DVD
      Oleg Bouimer's Pre & Post-Event Sport Massage DVD
      Dr Joe Muscolino's Body Mechanics DVD
      Trail Guide To The Body Dvd
      Trail Guide To The Body Handbook & DVD Package
      Craniosacral Therapy
      Orthopedic Assessment For The Lower Body Dvd
      Orthopedic Assessment For The Upper Body Dvd
      Advanced Therapeutic Chair Dvd
      Myoskeletal Align -Shoulder, Arm & Hand Pain Dvd/2
      Myoskeletal Align - Lower Back Hip Leg Pain Dvd/6
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