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      4-in-1 Multi Function Unit

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      4-Function Facial Device

      The 4-Function Facial Device combines four of the most popular skin care functions to help revitalize skin: High-Frequency, Vacuum, Spray and Ultrasonic. 

      High Frequency:

      • The most essential function all spas must have.
      • High Frequency increases glandular activity, stimulates the circulation of the blood, creates germicidal action, increases metabolism, helps skincare products to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, reduces acne and inflammation.
      • Comes with four specific electrodes for different benefits:
        • Acne Sparking Electrode: For acne and inflammation.
        • Straight Electrode: Provides ultraviolet for restoring healthy skin.
        • Spoon Electrode: For skin treatment in large level area on face and body.
        • Mushroom Electrode: For performing electronic treatment on any points of the body to promote blood circulation.


      • Aacts as a miniature cleaner to suction out the deeply embedded dirt, grease and other impurities in the skin. The suction also gives a deep penetrating massage and draws blood to the surface of the skin.
      • Comes with three Cupping Glasses for different benefits:
        • Wrinkle Cup Glass: for larger areas, forehead, cheeks, the neck.
        • Straight Cup Glass: for smaller areas which are easy to reach, between eyebrows, upper lip, the nose, the chin.
        • Blackhead Cup Glass: for small hard-to-reach areas, around the nose and lips.


      • Recommended after the Vacuum function. The bombardment of spray flushes out the pores, helps complete the thorough cleansing of the skin's surface, offers a cool soothing finish.
      • Comes with two bottles for the esthetician to prepare:
        • One with astringent for normal or oily skin.
        • One with antiseptic or mild skin lotion for mature, dry or sensitive skin.


      • Uses waves to produce a "tiny massage" which creates a multitude of beneficial actions:
        • Mechanical: Vibrations caused by the waves stimulates cells, improves blood and lymph circulation, and increases regeneration of cells.
        • Thermal: Vibrations increase the internal heat below the skin's surface, which relaxes the muscles, and reduces inflammation.
        • Chemical: Vibrations create Anabolic and Catabolic reactions. Anabolism promotes the synthesis of protein inside skin cells and regenerates wounded tissues. Catabolism reduces viscosity which allows skincare products to penetrate deeper layers of the skin.
      • Comes with two probes:
        • Eye Probe: A pointed tip probe to treat wrinkles and areas around the eyes and the nose.
        • Face Probe: A flat surface probe for the rest of the face.


      • Timer
      • With Sonic wave and High-Frequency wave selection
      • Dimensions: 13.25” Wide * 12” Deep * 4.5” High
      • Net Weight: 14.5 Pounds
      • Voltage: 110V
      • Frequency: 50/60HZ


      • One-Year Limited Warranty against defects in manufacturing.




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