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      Oakworks Interventional Supine Pillow System

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      Oakworks Interventional Supine Pillow System

      Oakworks' Interventional Supine Pillow System is mainly designed to facilitate cervical transforaminal injections, but also  useful for other antero-lateral procedures such as facet injections, medial branch blocks, stellate ganglion blocks, scalene injections, brachial plexus blocks and discography.


      • Supports patient’s neck in a position of comfort to reduce muscle spasm
      • Secures the cervical spine in either neutral or rotation
      • Creates an unobstructed working space for physicians’ hands
      • Fully adjustable for both patient and physician needs
      • Head easily rotates to the opposite side of the injection with comfortable support of the ear and occiput. The dual resistive foam is designed to resist roll back.
      • The slightly raised position and beveled sides create a supportive yet unobstructed working space for the physician’s hands.
      • Relaxed cervical musculature from continuous contact with the neck and upper thoracic spine.
      • Reversible for left or right procedures.
      • Tapered support wedge can raise or angle the pillow to better fit the patient’s habitus, reduce muscle spasm, modify cervical flexion and allow for appropriate target visualization.
      • Highly radiolucent design for optimal imaging
      • Easily cleaned, reusable design
      • FDA Listed





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