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      Pediatric Alley Cats Scale Table

      Item# 886 0180
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      "Alley Cats & Dogs"

      Kitties and doggies are everybody's favorite. Give a couple of strays a good home in your office or clinic. The kids will love it. Table features one drawer and two-door storage.

      Table Features:

      • Clinton original themes
      • Easy to clean laminate surfaces
      • All graphics are permanently embedded in the high pressure laminate and will not peel off
      • Comfortable work height of 36"
      • Top is rimmed on three sides for safety
      • Top's front and back rim edges are beveled and the corners rounded for safety
      • Easy-clean, replaceable center pad
      • Built-in infantometer with folding ends for measuring height
      • Easy access to weight, measurement and storage
      • Built-in concealed paper dispenser and cutter
      • Recessed front toe kick
      • Adjustable built-in levelers provide a stable surface
      • Easy-clean all laminate base
      • Optional storage area locks available
      • Ample storage with 2 doors and 1 drawer

      Scale Features:

      • Dependable, accurate Tanita scale
      • Easy-read digital display
      • Auto calibration on start-up
      • Auto shut-off
      • Electric or battery operation (6 AA batteries required)
      • Weights in increments of lbs., ozs. or kilos
      • Maximum weight 40 lbs.



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