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      Skin Scanner

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      Skin Scanner

      The Skin Scanner utilizes blacklight blue lamp technology to reveal various skin conditions in vivid fluorescent colors.  The blue lamp causes the client’s skin to fluoresce in different colors depending on what skin conditions are present.  The skin scanner makes visible what can not ordinarily be seen with regular light.  Utilizing an internal mirror, the Skin Scanner helps both you and your client to determine whether the skin is oily, dry, dehydrated or blotchy. It also highlights blackheads and whiteheads that would not normally be seen under regular light.

      The various skin conditions that can be vividly revealed are:

      • Pigmentation problems
      • Sun damage below the skin surface
      • Dehydrated skin
      • Acne
      • Oily skin
      • Dead skin
      • Poor circulation
      • Dry areas
      • Clogged pores

      Additional information about the lamp:

      Even though UV-A is generally safe, caution should be used to shield the eye and avoid prolonged use.  Black light blue lamp technology is generally safe when used properly.  It is essentially a fluorescent light bulb that does not emit visible light, but emits the safer version of Ultraviolet rays (UVA) after harmful Ultraviolet rays (UVB and UBC) are filtered out.  The UV light emitted by this lamp is certified UV-A of a wavelength of 315-400nm. Always use caution when working with any UV Light.

      The Skin Scanner uses 4 large 10 watt bulbs and 2 small 6 watt bulbs strategically placed to reveal the various conditions of the skin.  A magnifying mirror allows the client to see him/herself with the various fluorescent colors, allowing the beautician to include the client in the analysis.




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