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      SpiderTech Gentle Pre-cut Kinesiology Tape for the Upper Knee

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      SpiderTech™ Gentle™, Upper Knee

      Pre-Cut and Ready to Apply

      SpiderTech™ Gentle™ products are scientifically formulated to minimize skin irritation through the use of Nitto Denko’s new Stratagel adhesive, reducing redness and itching typical to patients with low collagen, fragile, or sensitive skin. 

      Stratagel combines a lower level of adhesive force with a pliability that allows the adhesive to conform to the micro-contours of the human skin, generating a gentle adhesion that fixes the tape firmly, but reduces stress on the skin during wear and at removal.

      As with all SpiderTech™ products, Gentle is latex-free, hypoallergenic, and uses the same high-grade breathable cotton material.

      NOTE: SpiderTech™ Gentle applications last 3 days. Patients can bathe but must use additional care when drying off and bathing as the Stratagel adhesive does not have the same water resistance as regular SpiderTech™ taping solutions.


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      Q: Is there just one application in this knee kit? Thanks.
      Created on Sunday, August 24, 2014 by Valleydog
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