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      Satin Smooth Waxing Products - Wax, Warmer Heaters, Skin Care

      Satin Smooth, a division of Conair, delivers silky, soft, sexy results to every skin type. The line includes 8 wax formulas, kits and pre/post waxing products for gentle, yet effective waxing services. Satin Smooth waxes use a unique blend of beeswaxes, which contains a natural antibiotic called propolis that protects freshly waxed skin. The Satin Smooth collection includes waxes, warmers, lotions and accessories for all skin and hair types. Satin Smooth products are ideal for waxing aficionados or those curious to try.

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      Satin Smooth Ultimate Face Lift Mask
      As low as $6.10
      Satin Smooth Wax Residue Remover Oil 16.9 oz
      Satin Smooth Ultimate Eye Lift
      As low as $3.05
      Satin Smooth Cleanser Skin Preperation 16.9 oz
      Satin Smooth Contour Applicators, 200Ct
      Satin Smooth Ultimate Neck Lift Mask
      As low as $15.27
      Cool® Aloe Soother
      Satin Smooth Natural Muslin Roll
      Satin Smooth beBare™ Removable Metal Insert Pot
      Satin Smooth Paraffin Wax Spa
      Satin Smooth® Satin Azulene - Pre/Post Depilatory Treatment
      Satin Smooth Male Brazilian Training DVDSale
      Satin Smooth® Oxygen Infusion Serum 4 oz.
      Satin Smooth Intensive Moisturizing Foot Mask 24 count with Display
      Satin Smooth Intensive Moisturizing Hand Masks 24 count with Display
      Satin Smooth Select-A-Temp Wax Warmer
      Satin Smooth Student Starter Kit
      Satin Smooth Bebare Hair Removal System- 16oz
      Satin Smooth Large Waxing Tabs - 50 Count
      Satin Smooth Basic Waxing Techniques DVDSale
      Satin Smooth Skincare Day-Night Moisturizer 1.7oz
      Satin Smooth Satin Hydrate® Skin Nourish, 16 Oz
      Satin Smooth Skincare Facial Renewal Cream Cleanser 5oz
      Satin Smooth® Professional Single Wax Warmer
      Satin Smooth Res-Q Advanced Ingrown Hair Pads 40Ct
      Satin Smooth® Chakra Gem Set - 7 Gems
      Satin Smooth Small Waxing Tabs - 100 Count
      Satin Smooth® DermaRadiance® Plastic Nozzle 50 Pack
      Satin Smooth Ear, Nose Waxing Training DVDSale
      Satin Smooth® DermaRadiance® White Filter (Medium)
      Satin Smooth Waxing Strips Tray
      Satin Smooth® Collagen Complex Cream, 8 Oz
      Satin Smooth Skincare Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser 5 oz.
      Satin Smooth Skin Care SerumsSale
      As low as $30.00
      As low as $17.00
      Satin Smooth Hydrasonic Professional Dermal Cleansing Kit
      Satin Smooth® DermaRadiance® Disposable Dense Filter 25 Pack
      Satin Smooth® DermaRadiance® Hepafilter with 5-Foot Clear Tube
      Satin Smooth® DermaRadiance® 5' Clear Hose
      Satin Smooth Skincare Brightening Lift Eye Cream 0.5 oz
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