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      Satin Smooth® DermaRadiance®

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      Satin Smooth® DermaRadiance®

      The DermaRadiance® breakthrough technology in microdermabrasion from the company known for its technology and engineering. DermaRadiance® Pure Flower Peel is a gentle, wholesome approach to smooth, beautiful skin like nature intended.

      DermaRadiance® respects the integrity of the skin and provides a simple approach to healthy, youthful-looking skin for men and women of all ages. The treatment has been developed with sophisticated technology to exfoliate the skin while providing natural nutrients such as Satin Smooth's botanicals and serums to revitalize the skin. DermaRadiance® works to bring skin back to its healthy-looking state, gently and effectively.

      DermaRadiance® combines two methods of dermabrasion: Crystals and Crystal-Free methods are available in one compact size to maximize your services and to offer customized treatments for your clients.

      DermaRadiance® is superior because of the substantial difference in our suction technology. The very noticeable appearance of vital skin in people who have received DermaRadiance treatments is testimony to the multi-faceted benefits of our two methods. With the ease of flipping a switch, the dual-control feature allows for both Diamond Crystal and Crystal-Free Organic Grains treatments, so that skin conditions can be revitalized.


      • 1 Year Warranty

      Unit Includes:

      • Pressure Dial: Low – Medium – High, utilizing suction movements
      • 3 Pure Flower Grains: Lavender, Tea Tree or Rose Petals to customize treatments for your clients
      • 2 wands
      • 6-foot hose
      • Nonslip rubber feet
      • Silicone-covered, backlit On/Off switch
      • Organic Grains/Diamond Wand switch

      Pure Flower Grains:



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      Q: Can RMTs use this as an added treatment in clinc? Do need to be an esthitician?
      Created on Monday, August 11, 2014 by Cyn
      0 Answers
      Q: What are the dimensions of this machine?
      Created on Thursday, July 10, 2014 by kitkat
      1 Answer


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