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      American Massage Therapy Association   |   $4.99 Shipping   |   To Order 1-888-918-2253

      Acupuncture Supplies & Acupuncture Needles

      All the acupuncture needles, supplies and equipment that you needs. Needles, electrotherapy, treatment supplies and more are all available here to make sure that your patient has the most satisfying acupuncture experience possible. Acupuncture is an effective way of dealing with conditions already being treated within the chiropractic environment. Add acupuncture to your practice that further enhances your patients overall health. Buy Acupuncture Supplies & Equipment.

      Vinyl Exam Gloves, Powder-Free
      As low as $7.99
      Pain Eliminating Cupping Set
      Pure Moxa Rolls
      Glass Cupping Jars 4 Piece Set
      Tidi Cotton Balls
      Complete Massage Cupping Kit
      Millennia Magnetic Pellets 1.7mm 800 Gauss
      White Silicone Cupping Set
      Longevity 14 Piece Glass Cupping Set
      Pointer Plus Lt Hand Held Stimulator
      Massage Cupping Therapy Bodywork Vol. I&Ii Dvd
      Fim Energizer
      Moxa Elite Herbal Patch Box Of 2
      Hoist Smokeless Moxa Rolls, 5 Per Box
      Acu Point Cupping Set With Magnets
      Longevity Smokeless Moxa Sticks With Hole, 5/Box
      Replaceable TDP Lamp Head - 6.5" Jumbo Size Mineral Plate
      Magnetic Pellets, 800 Gauss, 50/Pack
      Cotton Balls, Large, 1000/Bag
      Points & Meridians Of Acupuncture Chart 23" X 36"
      Sharps Needle Disposal System, 3.3 Qt
      Lhasa Angle Tip Pin Nedle Forceps 4.5"
      Gua Sha Instrument