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      Physical Therapy Foam Rollers

      Massage Warehouse offers a variety of conditioning foam rollers. Deluxe foam rollers are helpful in improving balance for clients who are rehabbing or gaining sports performance. Foam rollers in physical therapy allow users to experience full foam for a challenge when they are being used in balance training. A standard foam roll model is made from the same type of foam used in running shoes. It is soft when touched, but it has a high density, and excellent memory characteristics. This means that it can promptly regain its original shape after it is compressed.

      Foam Roller Attachment For Armaid Self Care ToolSale
      Blackroll Groove Standard 12" X 6" Black
      Deluxe Foam Roller 35"L X 6"W
      Blue Textured Roller W/Ridges Medium 6" X 18"
      Purple Textured Roller W/Ridges Firm 6" X 18"
      Blackroll Booster 12" X 2.5" White
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