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Heat therapy is one of the most effective methods to manage chronic muscle pain or sore joints affected by arthritis or injury. Using heating pads and packs to apply heat to your client’s muscles or joints reduces pain by encouraging circulation and blood flow. We offer a full selection of heating pads, packs, and moist heating pads in a wide variety of sizes and styles at the lowest prices guaranteed. Be sure to consult your doctor for specific medical advice.

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  1. Relief Pak Moist Heat Pack Relief Pak® Moist Heat Pack - Moist Heating Packs
    $11.39 - $37.19
    4  Reviews
  2. Sale
    Digital Full Back Warmer- Heavy Version - Extra Large Moist Heat Heating Pad Digital Full Back Warmer- Heavy Version - Extra Large Moist Heat Heating Pad
    $95.99 Special Price $81.59
    23  Reviews
  3. Sale
    NRG® Digital Moist Heating Pad NRG® Digital Moist Heating Pad
    $85.39 Special Price $72.58
  4. Sale
    NRG® Digital Moist Heating Pad - 2 Pack NRG® Digital Moist Heating Pads, 2 Pack
    $170.78 $145.16
    1  Review
  5. Sale
    NRG Digital Full Back Warmer NRG Digital Full Back Warmer - Moist Heat Warmer
    $70.29 Special Price $59.75
    7  Reviews
  6. MediBeads® Microwavable Moist Heat Packs MediBeads® Microwavable Moist Heat Packs
    $14.59 - $53.09
  7. Theratherm Digital Electric Moist Heat Pads TheraTherm Electric Moist Heating Pads with Digital Controls
    $64.69 - $89.99
    8  Reviews
  8. Thermophore Max Heat Pads Thermophore Heating Pad - MAXHeat Moist Heat Pad
    $56.19 - $78.99
  9. Fomentek Bag Fomentek Bag - Fomentek Hot/Cold Water Bag
    $20.59 - $30.89
    4  Reviews
  10. Thermophore Moist Heat Packs Thermophore® Classic Moist Heat Packs
    $57.49 - $76.99
    4  Reviews
  11. Himalayan Salt Therapy Pillow Harmony Salt Himalayan Salt Therapy Pillow
    3  Reviews
  12. Battle Creek Thermophore® Pro Moist Heat Therapy Pack Thermophore® Pro Moist Heat Therapy Pack & Pad
    1  Review
  13. Thera-Med Professional Dual Moist Dry Heating Pad Thera-Med® Professional Dual Moist/Dry Heating Pad
    $26.79 - $41.99
  14. Mesh JT Pad Medium 3220 HealthyLine Mesh JT Pad Medium 3220 Soft InfraMat Pro®
  15. Amethyst Bolster Firm HealthyLine Amethyst Bolster Firm - Heated InfraMat Pro®
    This product is temporarily unavailable.
  16. TAO-Mat Small 1818 HealthyLine TAO-Mat® Small 1818 Soft InfraMat Pro®
  17. Micro Hottie Wool Heat Pack Micro Hottie Wool Heat Pack
  18. 2310132 Hotties Backwrap Cotton Quilted Hot Pack
  19. Heating Pad Economy Large 12 X 24 Each Fabrication Economy Electric Moist or Dry Heating Pad – Large 12” x 24”
  20.  Heating Pad Economy Moist Or Dry Small 12X15" Each Fabrication Economy Electric Moist or Dry Heating Pad – Small 12” x 15”
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Heating Pads
Heating Pads

Heating Pads


When should I use a moist heating pad?

Moist heat therapy products are perfect for patients with dry skin or those who are prone to skin irritation. The moisture prevents skin dehydration and increases tissue elasticity during use. Moist heat therapy is also known to penetrate deeper into the skin which relieves pain faster.

Benefits of Moist Heating Pads

  • Provides deeper penetration of the tissue at the same temperature
  • Changes tissue temperature rapidly & obtains a more substantial response from temperature receptors
  • Speeds recovery by increasing blood flow to the targeted area
  • Offers quicker pain relief

What is heat therapy used for?

Heat therapy works by improving circulation due to increased temperature. Even slightly increasing the temperature of an injured area of the body can soothe discomfort and increase muscle flexibility. Using heating packs or heating pads relaxes and soothes muscles and heals damaged tissue and is useful for these common conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Strains and Sprains after the elimination of swelling
  • Tendonitis
  • Warming up stiff muscles or tissue before activity
  • Relieving back or neck pain related to injury

What is the difference between dry and moist heating pads?

Dry heating pads heat up quickly and tend to stay warmer longer than moist heat packs. Generally they are easier to apply to affected areas and some say dry heat feels the best during application. Conversely moist heating pads promote tissue elasticity and will not dehydrate the skin, promote a deeper penetration of the tissue, and offer a longer lasting effect by improving circulation.