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      Golf Fitness, Stretching & Strengthening Equipment

      Massage Warehouse has a selection of exercisers that are perfect for golfers. Our exercisers come in several different styles and have different uses. Exercise balls are simple to use and help keep fingers and hands flexible. They can be helpful to use before golfing as a way to warm up and flex the fingers. A hand exerciser is used to improve hand strength. MassageWarehoue.com also has a foot exerciser. This is a helpful item for keeping the feet flexed. Since you’re on your feet a lot during a game, your feet can hurt and may even get cramps. Using an exerciser relieves foot stress. Our exercisers are designed to be used to enhance the massage experience or they can be used as an individual treatment.

      Thera-Band Foot Roller - As Seen on The Doctors TV Show - TheraBand Foot Roller
      Theraband Hand Exerciser
      As low as $8.99
      DFX Powerball Sports Pro Gyro Exerciser
      Cando Color Coded Rubberband Hand Exerciser
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